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Beaded Collar Cheongsam

We have received email requests for close up shots of The beaded Collar Cheongsam.beaded collar cheongsam

We have decided to upload them here to save all of you the trouble and upload the photos here instead.

Beaded Collar Cheongsam—For Charmaine

Beaded Collar Cheongsam—For Charmaine

Beaded Collar Cheongsam—For Charmaine

This Beaded Collar Cheongsam is only available custom made to order, not available as ready-to-wear for its labour-intensiveness, we can only take limited orders on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Beading detail can be used in many other cheongsam designs too.

Email us for product enquiry and LIKE us now.


Amplified Chinese Knot Corded Cheongsam—For Annie

Hand corded Custom Cheongsam
hand corded custom cheongsam
The Chinese knot is not only utilitarian, but has also become an art form on its own. We have used it on The Mystic Cheongsam, making use of a small Chinese knot at the typical and traditional position and grew around the bustier and the waist, framing the bodice part of the cheongsam.

In this Amplified Cheongsam made for Annie, we have crafted the upper part of the cheongsam, including the sleeves and the collar entirely of Chinese knots.
Amplified Chinese Knot Corded Cheongsam—For Annie

Unlike Mystic Cheongsam which is symmetrical and orderly, the Amplified Cheongsam is a little messy, slightly unkempt, breaking all the stereotypes of a cheongsam. The meticulously corded and twined and stitched was shaped bit by bit on dress form, and hand stitched carefully to the full length Chinese brocade cheongsam shaped bustier with high slits.

Annie said she never expected Cheongsam Qipao could be modern and grungy like this. How else would you like we to change your Qipao Cheongsam stereotype?


Wedding Cheongsam—for Dawn

Wedding Cheongsam Gown—for Dawn
Wedding Cheongsam Gown—for Dawn
Wedding Cheongsam Gown—for Dawn
Wedding Cheongsam Gown—for Dawn
Kwa—a jacket and skirt set with exquisite gold and silver thread, fitted loosely on the Cantonese bride—is treasured as priceless work of art. Today, however, it is used more as heirloom or art collection than for practical use as apparel.

Dawn was mesmerized by the intricate gold & silver thread Cantonese embroidery but a boxy set of Kwa wouldn't do her enviable figure justice.

We had the set of dragon & phoenix embroidered specially for her, and then hand stitched the cut out to her simple cream white mini halter dress. Sitting on a near transparent mesh, the life-like dragon is a visually arresting.

The short mini halter dress is casual and laid back enough for daytime tea ceremony, and for night, hook on the long train with spade shaped end, resembling the phoenix tail for the grand entrance. Detached again anytime after the wedding for other semi-formal occasions in the future.

In all, this is a everything but the kitchen sink for a bride who can't bear missing the world for her wedding.


Checked Cheongsam Separates—Tabby

Tabby Checkered Cheongsam Separates
Tabby Checkered Cheongsam Separates
Surely remember the checked vintage cheongsam styles as in In the Mood for Love, but which one of us is really confident enough to step in out of the house feeling trendy and modern.

Inspired by love of retro Chinese Cheongsam, the Tabby Checkered Cheongsam is a 2 piece separate set. Wear the halter cheongsam top and wrap skirt n different occasions to dilute the vintage vibe, or together for a themed retro party.

Cheongsam Qipao doesn't always have to be mature and sexy. We can be ourselves, young, fun and preppy.

Tabby is available as Ready-to-wear.


Wedding Cheongsam Gown—for Jessica

Red & Gold Brocade Mermaid Gown with Gold Lace Applique
Red & Gold Brocade Mermaid Gown with Gold Lace Applique
Many modern Asian Chinese brides are torn between tradition customs and urban lifestyle preference. They often settle for a gown less than satisfactory giving in to either side. Always optimistic, we helped Jessica and her family's expectations meet half-way.

While simple and sleek silhouette is her ideal, she feared her mother prefers traditional (Read: Red & gold sleeved full length cheongsam). Here at Mazzario we would not let you walk away depressed and old-fashioned.

We suggested a bright red gold and red Chinese Brocade fabric to be made into a simple silhouette, with additional lace applique, both to add sparkles as well as to visually slim the torso. The lace up keyhole back has room for adjustments, and makes for a cute bow at the back. The mermaid flare starts centre front at a v-point, and moves up gradually to mid-thigh at the back, creating curves while slimming the thighs.


Diamond Cheongsam Halter Version for Carol

Diamond Cheongsam Halter version
Diamond Cheongsam Halter version

The DIAMOND Cheongsam has long been one of the most sought-after designs not without it's reasons. The cutting, the colour combinations, and the demure front and surprise back view has very broad appeal.

Carol is lanky and has good upper body formation. No wonder she prefers a halter version, with lower neckline, fitted even tighter than the usual snug.

The thick embroidery lace hides a multitude of flaws, especially that below the waist. The tightness enhances the corset effect given by our signature cut and tailoring.

Do not trust us when we tell you a good cheongsam or a custom qipao does wonders, believe only your eyes, and of course, the compliments.


Colourful Cloud Cheongsam for Stacy

Colourful Cloud Cheongsam for Stacy

Tradition and fun are not words that usually comes together. They however, mix very well in The Colour Cloud Cheongsam custom made to Stacy's wedding. Adventurous Stacy wanted to have a traditional qipao or cheongsam from the start, because she can't think of a better time to check off her wish list, yet, she frowns at the idea of granny's wardrobe.

Colourful Cloud Cheongsam for Stacy
Colourful Cloud Cheongsam for Stacy
Colourful Cloud Cheongsam for Stacy

She took a daring plunge into the choice of a very colourful chinese brocade. We then decided to make full use of the wonder cloud prints. Combined with a traditional way of enclosure, collar to waist over the bust, but with a twist. We cut around the clouds at the opening and at the hemline, then layered them one upon another, and then painstakingly piped them using the tradition Chinese technique. The sleeves were also made in layers, to echo the idea of clouds, as well as slimming the arms.To finish, we used the only colour of the rainbow that does not already exist on the fabric together with shimmering gold for the cording details.

Colourful Cloud Cheongsam for Stacy

Look at Stacy. She's so excited she couldn't still her hands. P.S. Check out her shoes. We have not seen a better match.


Cheongsam Dress Style for Pear-Shape—Part 3

How to choose a designer cheongsam for your body type is one of the most common inquiries we get receive in email. Following past weeks' Cheongsam Dress Style for Pear-Shape—Part 1 in which we talked about a common tactic of Hide & Conceal, and in Part 2 we talked about Distract & Balance. In this last installment we shall show you more of the lesser known, but in our opinion the best solution—Optical Illusion.

Cheongsam Styles for Pear-Shape

The problem with Hiding & Concealing your bottom is that everyone knows it as well. While everyone is busy making oneself taller and slimmer, there must only be one reason why any sane lady would want to wear a parachute on ground level which does everything but.

The clever use of the combination of tailoring and prints can do just that but look instead like you did not try at all. Opt for the right colour combination of big and small prints at the appropriate portion, with the right amount of ruche and tucks. Throw in some ingenious construction which gives you the right support where you need. Everyone would think you are a natural.


Honey Cheongsam Dress in Custom Colour

Honey Cheongsam Dress in Custom Colour
Honey Cheongsam Dress in Custom Colour
A versatile little black dress equivalent such as the Honey Cheongsam Dress by Mazzario sees you through a new launch at work, a client's cocktail party, and your best friend's wedding. It has been transformed into different expressions with different colours and fabric combination. The white cherry blossom for weddings and ROM, the black for work, and the tropical for all other happy occasions.

Tell us what how you would like to personalise the Honey Cheongsam for you next big thing.


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