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Wedding Cheongsam Gown—for Jessica

Red & Gold Brocade Mermaid Gown with Gold Lace Applique
Red & Gold Brocade Mermaid Gown with Gold Lace Applique
Many modern Asian Chinese brides are torn between tradition customs and urban lifestyle preference. They often settle for a gown less than satisfactory giving in to either side. Always optimistic, we helped Jessica and her family's expectations meet half-way.

While simple and sleek silhouette is her ideal, she feared her mother prefers traditional (Read: Red & gold sleeved full length cheongsam). Here at Mazzario we would not let you walk away depressed and old-fashioned.

We suggested a bright red gold and red Chinese Brocade fabric to be made into a simple silhouette, with additional lace applique, both to add sparkles as well as to visually slim the torso. The lace up keyhole back has room for adjustments, and makes for a cute bow at the back. The mermaid flare starts centre front at a v-point, and moves up gradually to mid-thigh at the back, creating curves while slimming the thighs.


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