Made to Measure Service available at Wheelock Place #03-06 only.


Cheongsam Ready Legs

Our cheongsams comes in many shapes and sizes, but none more popular than our bareback halter minis. We heard a bride's mom suggesting the daughter wears our mini with skin coloured stockings to disguise the blemishes on her long but pale legs.

We hope she did not catch up secretly frowning at the idea. We suggest light body make-up instead. If you dont have time for a tan or pilates, we suggest you try 

Nuxe Multi-Usage Dry Oil (also recommended by Andy Lee) or Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs instead. Why not use it on your arms and back too, no harm spotting leaner arms and back on your big day.


Cheongsam Production

From design process, patternmaking to production, every process of the handmake cheongsam is executed in our studio in Singapore. We have our very own team of tailors and sewers to achieve to high quality work as seen in our production.

Our made-to-measure serviceis a personal and initimate process, beginning with a design consultation wit our designer, who will then see you through every fitting and production process.

Mazzario Cheongsam is a choice for clients of all ages and walks of life, seeking contemporary clothing with ethnic reference. Bridal clients often approaches us for an innovative oriental twist to wedding dresses for their East-West weddings.


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