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Mazzario Cheongsam at Launch

Mazzario Cheongsam Singapore Event inSing

Mazzario: Cheongsam Shop showcased some of our Cheongsams at the recent launch. It is an event where Singaporean brands are showcased celebrating the launch of this new all-Singaporean search platform.
... intricate workmanship is just one aspect of their custome-made pieces... models walked the runway... and brought out the sexy in this classic garment.
--Web Magazine Tongue in Chic, who did a succinct cover of our segment.

More photos of the event are available on our Facebook Page, just click on the photo album.

And a video of the rehearsal is also available for those of you asking for alternative views of our cheongsams. The Gilded Sequin Cheongsams shows up much better in video than in picture. 


FAQ | Index

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What is Cheongsam?

Cheongsam (aka Qipao) is the Chinese traditional costume, popularized by Shanghainese ladies in the 1920s. It is typified its mandarin collar, close fit, and high side slits.

How are Cheongsams worn?
Cheongsam is best snugly fitted, though it is mostly worn more comfortably today. At Mazzario different cheongsams are designed with a different fit in mind.

Can I wear a Cheongsam ?
We design cheongsams for different body types for different occasions. Talk to us and let us take your measurement so we may assist you in finding a Cheongsam that fits your event, body, and personality.

What more do you offer?
We also create apparel inspired by oriental culture. It may be a Chinese knot, a drape, or an embroidery. Let us know what interests you.

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I would love to own a Cheongsam, how much time do I need?
There is no fixed amount of time needed, as 3-day made-to-measure express service is available. But we advise shopping for Ready-to-Wear 1-4 weeks in advance, and Made-to-Measure 4weeks or more in advance. For the curious, here's an explanation of why this amount of time.

How much do your cheongsams cost?
Prices varies with ranges and individual designs, there is no one price fit all. However this is the pricing guide line for your reference.

made-to-measure design consultation, let us work together for a cheongsam that flatters not only your body type, but also your personality. Find out more about cheongsams for different body types.

I live overseas, how do I go about ordering?
We take both ready-to-wear and custom-order cheongsams, and ship internationally. For information are available on the international custom order page.


FAQ | Time for Cheongsam

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I want a Cheongsam. How much time do I need ?

Our Ready-to-Wear designs are seasonal and non-repeating, do shop early to prevent disappointment. As cheongsam is best snugly fitted, majority of the ladies will require the ready-to-wear cheongsams to be altered to fit. Should your event be more than 2 months away, we advise you first bring home your new purchase and visit us 1-2 weeks but no more than 1 month in advance for alteration.

Made-to-Measure designs vary largely, time required would depend on the complexity of design, construction, and fit. Expect 2-3 fittings for a simple cheongsam, and up to 6 months for the very elaborate designs.

Fittings are usually scheduled at least 7 days apart, with first fitting following the consultation closely, and the last fitting less than 1 month before the day of use.

In short, a simple made-to-measure cheongsam takes 1-2 months; elaborate cheongsams can take as much time as your schedule allows.


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