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Bow-tied Cheongsam

picture of mazzario cheongsam singapore bow tied cheongsam with sweeping train

A cheongsam for a black tie event. The usual would be a full length in luxurious fabric.

Cheongsam is an honest creature. It fits snugly, and very close to the body, presents its wearer just as she is. Cheongsam, without a doubt, shows the best side of a proportional voluptuous body, but it was our challenge to pair it with the athletic body-type.

Our solution is a halter cheongsam cut low at the sides, and plunges to a very low back. A contrasting trim extends from the mandarin collar, and increases in width up to floor length, sitting atop a short train. The thick trim is then tied to form a neat 2-tone bow, introducing curves where necessary.


Chrysanthemum Dress


It is a dress for designed for a green-themed dinner. Save for few lucky souls, green simply looks odd on Asian complexions.

I knew we needed the final touch of green embellishment right from the start. We worked backwards.

A simple close to skin-tone off-shoulder shift dress was the chosen canvas.

The client nominated chrysanthemum as the flower of choice for the custom embroidery dress. Chrysanthemum is not to be generalised as petals in tea, but come in varied shapes and colours. I must have embarrassed myself for not concealing my excitement at the perfect excuse for spending time in the garden on a lazy afternoon.

On closer observation, chrysanthemum only got more interesting. I was especially eager to interpret the petals of the delicate flower. Each petal has life of its own. It reaches high for the sky, yet refrained, reminding one again of the ephemerality of a flower.

I must be thinking to much. Anyway what we have is a green chrysanthemum flower dress.

Poppy Dress

poppy dress

The brief was a cheongsam with red & black floral embroidery. We weren't too sure what the client was expecting, but we gave it a shot.

We begin by tailoring a crisp cheongsam ( or so it was supposed to be ). The stiffened fabric ( which we do not use on ready-to-wear ) made the look very clean, very modern, and we knew instantly the collar should be done away with to preserve it's simplicity.

Flowers. Red. Roses. Boring. What about poppies? I have been very blessed with an open-minded client for her openess to my varied experiments. Disregarding poppy's sometimes negative connotations, she expressed sheer delight with a different kind of embroidery.

The result is avant garde, but very wearable. A happy dress.

Lazy Dress


Some of you asked, and many would have guessed, we are currently preparing new designs for our beautiful ladies.

Above is a kimono inspired dress. Side-zipped for convenience. Flattering and comfortable. Be unexpectedly oriental chic on a lazy summer day.


Knot Babydoll Dress


Babydoll-style dress dates back to the Tang dynasty, in which women wore clothes with less coverage than the dynasties that that preceded or followed. Them, fabric is cinched directly below the bust, one of the earliest forms of empire-style.

We adapted the idea and introduced slight gathers on the 2 tiered dress, creating a slight flounce, and end off with a double layer Chinese knot on the panelled bodice.


Family Photos

An online presence of the family photos in-store.

Some asked for the tips in creating these 'nostalgic-looking' photos.

" Easy, because it is. "

The above pictures were not e-bay aquisitions not stolen property. That young girl in the bottom left is my grandma 6, 6.5, 7? er... decades ago.


Peranakan Cheongsam

green & fuschia embroidery cheongsam

A client wanted a bareback cheongsam with strictly fuchsia embroidery on a lime green background. We were given little time and worked on a tight budget.

With the little time on hand, we could not commission custom embroidery to be done. We were left with the option of either lace or netted embroidery fabric.

The original embroidery flowers (as shown above) were ivory. Every flower was painstakingly painted over with 2 washes of bright fuchia. These flowers were then cut out closely along the edges, before being sewn onto the cheongsam before assembly. The flowers were arranged to enhance the female form, accentuating the waistline.

The flowers then flow from the bodice, over the shoulder, to the waist at the back, forming a diagonal fuchsia tattoo florals. This band divides the weight of the full length gown, thus provide more security for the client in the low back dress without sacrificing the aesthetics.

Illustrations from Previous Site

wrap halter

black shealth

frilled mini

blue open collar

toga mini

Why Made-to-Measure ( or tailor )


Agenda packed with themed weddings, and corporate functions, but have trouble finding the right dress? A made to measure cheongsam (aka qipao) may just be your solution.

The epitome of oriental glamour, a cheongsam is, form-fit, of delicate proportion & intricate worksmanship, best tailored to fit individual needs.

From style advice to design conceptualization, colour & fabric selection to hand embroidery, we see you through every step of your image creation.

We celebrate individuality with tailored-designs that flatter different body shapes, complement personalities and even cater to idiosyncrasies. 

Services at Mazzario


Here at Mazzario we have both ready-to-wear, as well as made-to-measure cheongsams

Design & Made-to-Measure (Tailoring) Service included

  1. Design Consultation & Visulization
  2. Fabric Selection
  3. Measurement
  4. Fittings
  5. Alterations in the future

For off the rack Cheongsams, Alteration is provided free of charge.

Cheongsams are prone to wear and tear, bring it back to Mazzario @ Centrepoint, let us help you with the rest.

Many Mazzario customers have old cheongsams that do not fit anymore. Bring it to us, lets see if we can help.

Mazzario Loyalty Privilege

Every $50 spent on regular items at Mazzario entitles you to 1 stamp. Accumulate 10 stamps within 9 months to enjoy a no-min-expenditure redemption of $75.

NEW Also redeemable against made to measure cheongsams.

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As you may have noticed this is a blog format, thus, is compelled to take on a less formal tone than the previous one. Guess we have been much too ambitious with the last one, from designing to coding, photography to documentary. Despite our love for making everything from scratch, the increasing workload ( meaning clothes ), this idiot-proof platform is finally peeling off my stubbornness.

What to Expect

Expect more frequent updates, and accounts of the "making-of"s. Go behind the scene to see where, and more interestingly WHAT your dresses have been before they sit pretty in your wardrobe.

Stay Tuned :)

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