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Mazzario Cheongsam Featured on Exclusive Lifestyle

Mazzario Cheongsam on Laguna Magazine
Thanks to customers who showed us the magazine before we even received it from the editor.

Chinese New Year friendly cheongsams in red and gold tones seem to be editor favorites. The Tropical Honey Cheongsam on the left in fuchsia & turquoise is temporarily sold out, now on back order. Please be patient and fan us on facebook for the latest news on the cheongsam you have been waiting for.


Fall Cheongsam in Electrify

Fall Cheongsam in Electrify
The Fall Cheongsam has been in our made to order collection for a while. It is the lesser known sister of the Petals Cheongsam. Upon numerous customer requests, we are finally making a very limited number in ready-to-wear. First in the series—Electrify.

Electrify is turquoise lace on iridescent Chinese brocade. One moment it looks harmoniously blue, another, it looks highly contrasting. Sometimes the lace floral into the brocade seamlessly, sometimes it looks like lace applique popping out of the traditional fabric.

Enough said, you have to see it for yourself. But this is not for everyone, only for the discerningly quirky.


New Year, New Empire-Halter Cheongsam

jess in empire halter pink cheongsam
Happy New Year! For you who is thinking of updating your favourite Mazzario classics will not be disappointed. The popular empire halter cheongsam is available in 6 new colours for different occassions.

It is no mystery why it is one of our most sought after designs. The silhouette is classic slim fit, with button detailing at the slit. The front keyhole is fastened by our handmade 2-colour mandarin buttons. All buttons can be unfastened for a different look. The versatility and unexpected colour combination makes it a must-have for all Mazzario fans.

The 6 new colours available are:

1. Earthy:
Leafy Green with Gold & Blue Trim

2. Edgy:
Magenta with Indigo & Turquoise Trim

3. Classic-warm complexion:
White Gold with Gold & Silver Trim

4. Romantic:
Eggshell with Light Blue & Pink Trim

5. Traditional:
Vermilion with Peach & Pink Trim

6. Classic-cool complexion:
White Silver with Gold & Silver Trim ( not shown )


Cheongsam and Nothing Less or More

white ange genny

A formal cheongsam for an international seminar is all that was on her mind when she came to us. An elegant lady of poise needs no further ornamental touch in our opinion, her grace finishes any cheongsam perfectly.

A traditional Chinese brocade fabric in iridescent white, shows a different colour in every angle, but all with pink tones to complement her cool-fair complexion. The only decorative element is a pink-toned semi-precious gemstone button at the collar to bring attention to her bright eyes.The cheongsam was cut full length, straight cut to convey the formality of the event. The cheongsam bares up to mid-back, just right to accentuate the small waistline, yet conservative as a Chinese ethnic dress in eyes of her foreign friends.


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