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Mystic Cheongsam With Hand Knotted Cords

On Flickr, a cheongsam design that receives more hits than others; in store, gets touched and stared at with shocked expression most often, has to count the Mystic Cheongsam.

We have written about it in our previous blog post here, but been told that the photos do not do the actually dress justice. The compliments Mystic gets, makes all our sleepless nights and hunger pangs worth it. 
Mystic Cheongsam
Here is a close up showing the details of the Cheongsam. You can even see the beautiful gold foil brocade we used for making the cords!
Mystic Cheongsam with Hand Knotted Cords
Mystic Cheongsam with Hand Knotted Cords

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Design More Cheongsams, Talk & Post Less

It has been a while since we last posted, and seem to have kept some avid followers waiting for new inspiration for their next designer cheongsam. As we approach the second half of the year, work load gets heavier and heavier, we may post a little less, while we make a little more. Thank you all for your kind understanding.


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