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Cheongsam Aficionados

We love how these girls are donned in these designer cheongsams by Mazzario by Mimi. Cheongsam is sexy because the fabric is suggestive without going overboard. What's more, the different types of cuts and laces give women a more sophiscated look. 


Mazzario Shop at Wheelock Place - Orchard Road

Our consultant - Mimi with her new design morden lace cheongsam - early of Aug 2013

Wedding Cheongsam Gown

After removed the half skirt becoming a mini cheongsam

Messages received from our customer Ms Paula,
"Thank you very much for helping me to design and make such a beautiful cheongsam gown. Everyone were so in love with my gown and really made me feel like a rocker chic too...... Paula"

Embroidery Mini Cheongsam

Our Japanese customer Ms Yukako. She is wearing a embroidery mini cheongsam/ tea dress. Does she look like a princess?

Feminine and Oriental Cheongsam

The cheongsam as each embellishment and detail is hand-sewn with painstaking precision. Editor June Wong had her cheongsam customised at MAZZARIO by Mimi. Designer Mimi Luk is trained in Shanghainese tailoring, and known for her flattering cuts and designs. June wants her dream fock to be feminine and oriental. She decided to customise a cheongsam. "I need something that is elegant," say June. "Plus, I don't love to wear a lot of accessories. So I hope to wear my dream dress as it makes enough of a statement on its own."


Melissa in full length Lena Lace Applique cheongsam

Lena Lace Cheongsam previously blogged about in a shorter knee-length version is custom made for Melissa for her tea ceremony in full length. While the design remains unchanged, it is sleeker as the lace coverage is proportionally smaller, adding just enough auspicious red for the traditional Chinese ceremony without sacrificing style.

Melissa in Lena Cheongsam Long
Melissa in Lena Cheongsam Long
Melissa in Lena Cheongsam Long

Thank you Melissa for sharing with us the joy on the happiest day (yet).

Beautiful photos taken by Wansheng of Feldberyl Images.


Reyna Chinese knot Cheongsam for Felicia

Wearing the made-to-measure Amplified Reyna Cheongsam is Felicia who has kindly let us have a photo of her taken during one of the fittings.

(If you have been to our Centrepoint shop for fitting, do you recognize these fuchsia bow sandals on her feet, we think it is a perfect match.)
Mystic Amplified Cheongsam Mystic Amplified Cheongsam - back detail
We crafted entirely by hand, the collar, sleeves and shoulder in a reimagined Chinese frog button, in one tone brighter in each of the three colours present of the imperial blue Chinese silk brocade with green and pink florals. The hand-crafted shoulder piece is hollow, it allows the natural skin tone to shine through but an entirely different style from the lace. Instead, together we created cheongsam that is fun, but not casual; formal but youthful. A truly modern Singapore take on tradition.

Also seen custom made for Annie in a grungy combination of pink, turquoise and beige.
Mystic Amplified Cheongsam - side


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