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Cheongsam Dress Style for Pear-Shape—Part 1

Cheongsam is like fashion bungee. For the niche, and the daring. The cheongsam, or qipao's reputation as the extremely tight fit, suffocating, and only for the perfect bodies has set back many interested ladies. Tired of the same " I'm too fat", I'm not perfect." Seriously, there is no such thing as perfection. Therefore we are here to dispel the misconception with a series of suggestions for the different real body-types.

Cheongsam Styles for Pear-Shape or Other Bottom-Heavy Types

Cheongsam Styles for Pear-Shape

There are actually 2 different ways to choose the right Cheongsam dress style for the pear-shaped or bottom-heavy body types.

First, let us introduce the most common solution most of the trouble ladies already know by instinct.

Hide & Conceal

The first reaction we have to things we dislike is to hide it or run away from it. We treat our body no differently from these other generic things. Hiding & Concealing the bottom-heavy shape we have is the most common solution. We imagine that when we don't see the contours of our bodies, they in fact, do not exist. This solution calls for careful execution or may end up looking like the Ku Klux Klan, or an over-sized umbrella.

The use of soft fabric with a good drape is essential. It is important to ensure it does not fall too close to the lower-body (image 1). Detailing at the hemline well below the hips such as asymmetry and ruffles is also helpful (image 2). Prints carefully selected (image 3:cheongsam for summer days) in different scale, colour and density also visually minimizes.

Last but often forgotten is the length of the cheongsam dress. Where the hemline ends plays a significant role in the observer's perspective. Take into consideration the wearer's height and size, event formality & personality and you will be able to pick the best cheongsam style whatever body-shape you are.


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