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Wedding Cheongsam—For Eileen

photos via Ambi Photography

A Singapore bride often has one too many things to take care of, the who-sits-where and the rest of wedding preparation is often a good enough replacement for pre-wedding diet regime.

Some brides, on the other hand, prefer a much simpler life. Shown here in gorgeous and narrative wedding day photos by Ambi Photography is a Singapore bride who prefers a much simpler life. One wedding dress for all.

The bride has a very clear idea of what a cheongsam should be. High mandarin collar, snugly fitted and high slits, as in Maggie Cheung in In the Mood for Love. A cheongsam she can wear during every of her wedding event, and even after, integrated into the wardrobe of her married life.

The tea ceremoney mini cheongsam with a very high mandarin collar looks washed in delicate blush pink lace from top down, covering the collar and the bare back, gradually fading away towards the waist. At the waist is where it begins to transform for the wedding dinner. A full skirt with inner soft tulle in cream to pink graduation is worn over the same cheongsam, at once more elegant and sophistication. To add more drama to the whole occasion, the cheongsam is finally attached with a sweeping soft train pulled together with a belt fastened with mandarin buttons. The finale sees the bride in a cheongsam that looks as good coming in as it is going out.


Toga Mini Cheongsam - Talia

Mazzario Cheongsam Talia Toga
Deviating from the elements of a Qipao or a traditional cheongsam—Talia—Toga Mini Cheongsam is calling out to the unconventional modern lady looking for a unique. Part of Mazzario's New Ready-to-Wear Cheongsam Collection, Comes in 3 colour variations of marine blue, champagne, and gunmetal. Not unlike the Telepyleia Toga Cheongsam, an asymmetrical toga cheongsam is the perfect piece to accentuate the décolletage and toned arms of the athletic build.

Metallic coated lace insert at the collar and thighs introduces visual lead ons, elongating the silhouette for a slimmer look. The very tapered fit combined with the thigh high front slit subtilely exudes just enough sex appeal. The marine blue and black Chinese Brocade shimmers a little in ambient lighting without being over the top. The Talia Toga Mini Cheongsam is appropriate for most dinner and dance occasions, including your next candle-lit dinner date.


Cheongsam with Beaded Embroidery Collar

beaded collar cheongsam
A modern cheongsam need not always be asymmetrical or deconstructed, it can sometimes be simple yet not appear disrespectful for the occasion. A sleek plain cheongsam combined with just enough embellishment such as the intricate beaded-embroidery is far from old-fashion.

Here at Mazzario, we have modernized traditional oriental motifs, instead created a colourful and whimsical version with only beaded-embroidery and appears quirky and absolutely appropriate for all cocktail or semi-formal occasions. The weight of the thousands of beads helps the collar and not only helps the collar sit effortlessly, providing the signature structure of a Qipao without sacrificing in comfort.


Ready-to-Wear Cheongsam Collection

cheongsam collection

Use of Venetian-style Lace, texturized monotone Chinese brocade, metallic checks, gunmetal knit, all these seemingly unrelated fabric styles Mazzario has put together in the new ready-to-wear collection.

Silhouettes are still slim, with with a new ease that is quite unlike the skin-tight-fit we have been doing for so long. A contemporary cheongsam piece in liquid metal comes ruched and wrapped, the heavily paneled bustier looks every bit corset but is comfortable with elasticity.

In a palette of blue, red, champagne, and black, grey, white, there is a cheongsam for even casual days.

Mystic Cheongsam—Reinterpretted

mystic black open collar cheongsam
The intricate hand-cording on the Mystic Cheongsam in no time became Mazzario's signature work. Many have asked for it made into different versions of it, to suit different occasions and personalities. It has been used not only on Gold Foil Chinese Brocade for a wedding, but also combined with another signature of ours, the Empire Halter Mini Cheongsam.

The boldness of hand-cording detail has usually been applied to the high collared cheongsams to counterbalance the demure expression of a high collar cheongsam. This time, however, it is employed to introduce subtlety to the sexy low V-neck & V-back with mandarin collar. The meandering hand cording softens the edge of the harsh black brocade with just a dash of Chinese ethnicity called for in the inter-racial wedding it was commissioned for.


Mystic Hand-Corded Cheongsam

Mystic Cheongsam
Cheongsam is the undeniable epitome of extreme femininity and demureness. Think Maggie Cheung in the classic movie In the Mood For Love. To make things more complicated, the Cheongsam also has a  reputation of being the Chinese's equal of the Victorian corset, so form-fitting, so uncomfortable. Many of today's 'real' women have been frightened by such outdated stereotypes, it takes the courageous few to step out in line with us Mazzario to re-create the Chinese-femininity.

Not forgetting the strength, the perseverance, and the courageousness of women of all ages, here at Mazzario Cheongsam, we amplified the idea of traditional Chinese knots and buttons, and made it a feature on a daringly cut bareback halter mini cheongsam. The use of such bold detail completely transformed the personality of a traditional cheongsam, and instead speaks the language of a youthful, strong and contemporary women who respects tradition, and is unafraid of many ripples of change to come.

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Mystic Cheongsam—Reinterpreted


Wedding Cheongsam - Olida

Cheongsams for Wedding - Olida
Black is one of the most favored dress colour of all times, by women of all ages, and cultures, so much so there is an acronym LBD dedicated just to the specific fashion preference. Women of Chinese ethnicity are no exception—until the wedding day when any association with the word "black" is inauspicious.

Thankfully most mothers have lightened up and would still attend her daughter's wedding as long as she isn't black head-to-toe. And the bride says, " Look, Ma, it's a Chinese Cheongsam, surely I can have a little black flowers on it."

Another black/ red wedding cheongsam for your inspiration.


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