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Cheongsam with a Train Looks a Little Like a Gown

Have you ever feared even a full length cheongsam isn't formal enough for the day on which you are the star of the show, and opted for a long gown with train instead to look better for march-in?

Beside our sexy super short mini cheongsams, our other popular length lies on the other end of the spectrum. A Mandarin Collar paired with a gown-like mermaid bottom, for the traditionalist is a violation, but a fuss-free solution for the busy modern bride.

A fusion as such yields a clean solution. The subtle mandarin collar addresses the cultural issues while a long train provides the visual impact needed for any formal event. Who needs another dress in a wardrobe full of clothes we convinced we need.

Wedding Cheongsam Gown—for Dawn
Two of our signature cuts in one. A sexy mini with long train. Only this one shaped like a spade to echo that of a phoenix's tail. After the mini cheongsam walked the aisle in the day, the train attaches to for visual arrest at wedding dinner.

Bow Tied Halter Cheongsam with Sweeping Train
Something less experimental such as this extend the contrast banding all the way to sit atop the low back making a bow, and a sash that forms part of the train too.

Red Mermaid Open Mandarin Collar Cheongsam Train 2
The bride who thinks most gowns are not simple enough and yet not enough grandeur inspired this stunning red cheongsam gown. With a simple opened mandarin collar and a widened and lengthened train in traffic stopping red, this simple cheongsam commands attention in even the most overwhelming of venues.

Wedding Pink Lace Cream White Cheongsam—For Eileen
Shown above is another elegant combination of a cheongsam top paired with a gown-like flared skirt with semi chapel length train held together with a pleated sash with Mandarin knot buttons. The idea of a skirt detached in the future for use of the mini cheongsam alone for future occasions suits many practical, eco-friendly bride well.


Gold Chinese Silk Cheongsam with Gold Lace Overlay

Gold Chinese Silk Brocade with Lace Overlay

For you who are familiar with Mazzario Cheongsam, you would know that Chinese Silk Brocade is one of our favorite fabrics to work with. Be it a classic Tea Dress with double trimming or the fashion-forward customer favourite Empire Halter Mini Cheongsam; the Talia Toga Cheongsam or the Mystic Corded Mini Cheongsam we constantly strive to revive the beautful traditional fabric to it's former glory.

Honey Cheongsam Dress in Custom Colour Mazzario Cheongsam Talia Toga Mystic Cheongsam with Hand Knotted Cords

Here comes the bride who just like almost every girl and even more so bride-to-be out there ( or here!), can't give up the love for the delicacy and glamour that lace fabric lends, even to a cheongsam.

Yet, a cheongsam carries with it the many burdens of its important role in Chinese period dramas and Wong Kar Wai's movie In The Mood For Love.

Gold Chinese Silk Brocade with Lace Overlay

Of the greedy nature that we sometimes deny, we would not refuse combination of the two for this bridal cheongsam. Afterall, Singapore is all about fusion-everything. See for yourself how the golden lace overlay glimmers on the traditional cream coloured brocade with traditional florals. Fully lined in red just for that extra dose of Chinese auspiciousness, even on the inside.


Mystic Cheongsam With Hand Knotted Cords on Actual Wedding Day

Mystic Cheongsam with Hand Knotted Cords

Mystic Cheongsam has lived up to it's name since our first creation. The intricacy of the tedious handiwork of the cording as well as the visual impact has captivated the hearts of many modern edgy lady and bride to be alike.

Mystic Cheongsam
Mystic Cheongsam

Thank you Agnes for sending us your wonderful photos. The piece custom made for Agnes spots a different shape from the original to suit her figure. It has no side slits, and is tulip shaped to balance to winged tips of the cords.

If you have ever stared hard at your screen and tried to make out what the embossed pattern is made of, keep reading for the mystery to be revealed. Some of you who have visited us at our store at the Centrepoint might have caught us playing with large coils of straw-looking objects.

These are cords made from many very wide strips of Chinese silk brocade. They are them carefully twined to form the desired shapes—desirable shapes that accentuate desirable figure. They are then positioned and hand stitched to a completed cheongsam. The result is what you see, a captivating modern cheongsam that is unique and different from anything you have seen.


Simple White Elegant Cheongsam for Wedding & ROM

White Open Collar with White Lace Applique

White cheongsams are gaining popularity these days. It is mostly favoured for solemnization and simple wedding day reception for the modern brides.

Simple but not without elegance, the intricately adorned opened standing mandarin collar piece shown here is a great example. A cut that can't get less complex, using as little seam as possible, leaving a very sleek appearance. Swarovski crystals sitting atop the lace applique provides just enough embellishment for the confident bride.

This is very similar to another elegant cheongsam we have done for another bride with different embellishment style.

Custom Made to Order. Also available off the rack in other colours.


Annie and her 3 puppies' Festive Cheongsams

Annie & 3 puppies - 2
Annie & 3 puppies - 1

It's time to celebrate the festive time of Chinese New Year. Isn't this just great inspiration and a loud cheer to couple our aniticipation?

On her: Custom order pink Chinese brocade & black mandarin collar wrap dress
On them: Custom order matching pink Chinese brocade cheongsams


Lauren Lace Mini Cheongsam

LAUREN Lace Mini Cheongsam in Onyx
LAUREN Lace Mini Cheongsam in Cherry

'Tis the season to be jolly... What better than Lauren Lace Mini Cheongsam with it's dramatic lace on contrasting satin, to exude the opulence called for this season.

A simple silhouette with a a halter neck bareback, no slits for a even closer fit to highlight those legs.

We made Lauren in Onyx Black on Nude or Cherry Red on Fuschia. It is ready to wear, available in sizes, and already flying off the shelves.


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