Made to Measure Service available at Wheelock Place #03-06 only.


Simple Shape Cheongsam


The client asked for a cheongsam that is simple, she can dance in ( reads: comfortable and stretchy ), reflects her personality, and unlike the last cheongsam we created for her full of floral applique and Swarovski crystals.

She is every bit a lady, soft spoken, mild mannered, smart, and elegant, yet the twinkle in her eyes betrays the sense of mischief in. When asked how she would like her cheongsam, she showed us the Mad Men series promotional pictures.

60s aesthetics in the 21st century sensibility. We are talking about a well mannered lady who tangos in a cheongsam.

Simple shapes were made on the cheongsam, all to enhance the female form, fabric of assorted elasticity was opted to be placed on different areas, with the lightest colour growing from the centre.

There was much calculations to be made, for every shape made. It was truly a dress for the lady of intellect.


Colour Palette SS10

colour palette

The SS10 Mazzario ready-to-wear sees a composed palette of quiet blues and shimmering greys with bursts of festive red tones.

No pastels. Contrast is provided by stark white background to many variation of fairly dense print, against medium to navy blue & black. The use of varying shine of different silver fabric accents the otherwise calming palette. Red appears in the form of a flower print, a lace overlay, a delicate Chinese button, or clean simple denim for the festive code.

Stay tuned, more pictures of our new range coming soon.


The Long Awaited Cheongsam Coming Soon

mazzario cheongsam lace bare back

Our popular lace cap sleeve bareback mini cheongsam is no stranger to many of you. Those who didn't have time for made-to-measure, will be pleased to know that it is finally available as ready-to-wear for the coming Chinese New Year 2010.

It will be available in Red on Pink, Black on Pink & Black on Nude. In 3 sizes.

Due to overwhelming response, we will first reply to enquiries with Full Name & Contact details. Alternatively, fan us on Facebook and leave a comment to be notified of its arrival. Thank you all for support.


Sculpted Leaves Bustier Top

leaves bustier

After her first cheongsam with us, perhaps she likes our style, or she likes our service, she's commissioned us to do a corset top for her.

Known to few but our regular clients, we make things other than cheongsams. Yes, things, not just apparel, as long as the idea intrigues us enough, and time is on both the client and our side.

She wanted —in her words— " just a corset, very stiff and boned". We thought "just" a corset wouldn't do. We sat down and forced her to think about her expectations. Eventually she pointed out she wanted a simple sophisticated corset that is understated yet a statement! What contradiction like us women all are.

After much discussion, we settled on the idea of leaves, and we suggested specifically fallen leaves that looks piled on ground. The result is a hand sculpted 3 dimensional effect on the bust area for accentuation, and the special seam construction echoes the idea, together with the embedded boning, creates a waist that can't quite get smaller than this. If the bustier top sounds uncomfortable, it is, let the client remind you— 'no pain, no gain'.


Variation on the Mandarin Collar

3 rabbit collar cheongsam

She knew she wanted a cheongsam with a special mandarin collar, yet it cannot emphasize the roundness of her cheeks (or so most women think of ourselves).

We created a simple ivory white Chinese Silk Brocade Bareback Mini Cheongsam, with a specially designed collar for this client. The collar is made up of three differently shaped layers in lace, individually trimmed in traditional cheongsam piping finish, the result is in varying opacity, finished with a generous dose of sequin sparkles.

The V shape effect not only elongates the neck and vaguely evokes the feeling of a bow-tie collar, much suited to the wine & dine function she was to attend.


Wedding Cheongsam Set for Tea Ceremony & Dinner

Lyn & Yap Wedding Cheongsam

Lyn is wearing a gold lace bareback halter cheongsam embellished with Swarovski crystals for the wedding dinner. Lyn wears a white & gold lace mini cheongsam for her tea ceremony. She opted for the Day & Night Bridal Package, and decided to add on from there. The result are the 2 elegant pieces shown above.

lifen_gold_cheongsam back

Congratulations Lyn & Yap. And many thanks for sharing the happiest day ( yet ) in your lives.



Telepyleia Toga Cheongsam

telepyleia toga cheongsam
telepyleia toga_purple

Sneak Peak: New Toga Cheongsam from our weary warrior collection - the rest of the designs will be making appearance here soon.

Lace insert below collar to show just that little bit of skin for the subtle Chinese allure, while the insert at the thigh high front slit is backed with skin-colour lining to make it convenient for you who still want to wear this to corporate functions. Fully finished in traditional Chinese piping to add structure and a sense of nostalgia to this asymmetrical cheongsam.

Recommended for the petite, as the asymmetry and proportion elongatee, and disrupts the visual balance just enough to draw attention to the right areas.


New Empire Halter Cheongsam

mazzario cheongsam singapore empire halter lacemazzario cheongsam singapore empire halter silver brocade
top: New empire halter cheongsam in blue lace on pink; bottom: the empire halter cheongsam in last collection in silver brocade

Your favorite Empire Halter Cheongsam redux!

Many of you who love the design for it sexiness, its modenity. We have received many requests for it to be lengthened, or made in other fabrics. We heard you. The new design is not only longer, but fits better, comes with slight elasticity with more give.

More colours coming soon, stay tuned.


Mazzario Cheongsam on LianHe Wanbao

Mazzario Cheongsam on Lianhe Wanbao 090704

loosely translated from Chinese

Black is the symbol of sexiness. The adapted fusion Cheongsam shows off long legs, and sexiness and subtity adds a sense of mystery. Completed with geometric jewellery designs and sky high heels adds just the right amount of modernity to this Party look .
Shoes by DMK, Jewellery by On Cheong Jewellery. Styled by Lirong.


Cheongsam at Singapore Wedding

Esther in Mazzario are Back Cheongsam

Esther alerted us on her blog post on a wedding in which she was a MC - wearing Mazzario's Bareback Silk Brocade Cheongsam.

She has masterfully paired it with a simple rose patterned earrings that are simple yet echoes the red undertone of the green silk brocade. Her choice of gold shoes also helps to visually elongate her legs. Thanks for sharing both your style and a wonderful day of your life with us Esther!


Cheongsam Picks For Singapore Weather

We have noticed white cheongsam's are popular not only with the brides lately. We think it must be the weather. Here are our 2 weather prove picks.

Mazzario Cheongsam Honey White Brocade
First, is a reinterpretation of your favorite Honey Cheongsam Dress, in white cherry blossom brocade, with self tie belt.

Mazzario Cheongsam Tropical Honey White backMazzario Cheongsam Tropical Honey White backSecond, also a reincarnation of the Honey Cheongsam Dress, now with tie back, previously featured in tropical pick and turquoise. The white version comes with a longer self-tie sash. You can request for a floor length sash for those who wants it all, a sexy mini with a sweeping train.


International Custom Cheongsam Order

We welcome international custom cheongsam orders.

Where to Begin
Should you have something in mind, or like something from our archive, please send us the reference. Feel free to ask for customized detailing, like lower back, or a different colour.
Email us with the following information, visual references and your message:

We ship using SingPost or FedEx.

We provide free SingPost Worldwide Registered Air Mail Shipping ( 3 to 10 days ) internationally with orders above SGD 600. Alternatively, opt for Worldwide Express or Courier for expedited service with tracking at additional SGD 10 to SGD 50.

A knee length cheongsam weighs an average of 500gm and full length 1000gm, varies with fabric and design.

Custom Orders starts at SGD480 for a above knee length, and SGD690 for floor length.

All major credit cards, Paypal, or fund transfer, billed in Singapore dollars unless otherwise requested.

Full payment before postage. For made to measure and requires sketches and consultation over email or instant chat, a non refundable deposit of SGD100 (fully redeemable against final bill) is required, balance on confirmation of order.

Accept Visa, Master, American Express, Nets, or Cash in Singapore dollars only.

Full payment before 1st Fitting. SGD50 deposit (fully redeemable against final bill) before design consultation, balance on confirmation of order.


Mazzario Cheongsam Featured on ZaoBao

mazzario cheongsam on zaobao  singapore 09

Mazzario cheongsam is featured on Lian He Zao Bao, a Singapore Chinese Newspaper. This time round, designs in the limelight are the halter neck cheongsams.

Loosely translated from Chinese

Her grandmother is a typical Shanghainese woman in a Wong Kar Wai movies, she is a femme fatale who plays mahjong in cheongsam; her mother is westernized contemporary woman. Sandwiched between the 2 influences of her life, designer Candi has decided to revolutionaised the content, by bringing sexy back in cheongsam.

Candi has kept the mandarin collar as it is the prime element of a cheongsam, as it is easily the most distinct, and instantly recognisable part of a cheongsam.

Active Singaprean ladies has relatively toned upper body and are confident of this assest. In addition, the tropical weather in Singapore further encourages the popularity of Mazzario's halterneck cheongsams, showing off the shoulder and back.

The cheongsam shop sees a share of asian, caucasian and foreign customers. Candi's handmade cheongsams are also popular with customers who purchase them specially for regional meetings and seminars, Candi said heartily that cheongsam is now the ambassador for Asian culture.


Mazzario Cheongsam at Launch

Mazzario Cheongsam Singapore Event inSing

Mazzario: Cheongsam Shop showcased some of our Cheongsams at the recent launch. It is an event where Singaporean brands are showcased celebrating the launch of this new all-Singaporean search platform.
... intricate workmanship is just one aspect of their custome-made pieces... models walked the runway... and brought out the sexy in this classic garment.
--Web Magazine Tongue in Chic, who did a succinct cover of our segment.

More photos of the event are available on our Facebook Page, just click on the photo album.

And a video of the rehearsal is also available for those of you asking for alternative views of our cheongsams. The Gilded Sequin Cheongsams shows up much better in video than in picture. 


FAQ | Index

icon ghost

What is Cheongsam?

Cheongsam (aka Qipao) is the Chinese traditional costume, popularized by Shanghainese ladies in the 1920s. It is typified its mandarin collar, close fit, and high side slits.

How are Cheongsams worn?
Cheongsam is best snugly fitted, though it is mostly worn more comfortably today. At Mazzario different cheongsams are designed with a different fit in mind.

Can I wear a Cheongsam ?
We design cheongsams for different body types for different occasions. Talk to us and let us take your measurement so we may assist you in finding a Cheongsam that fits your event, body, and personality.

What more do you offer?
We also create apparel inspired by oriental culture. It may be a Chinese knot, a drape, or an embroidery. Let us know what interests you.

simple checklist for your reference.

I would love to own a Cheongsam, how much time do I need?
There is no fixed amount of time needed, as 3-day made-to-measure express service is available. But we advise shopping for Ready-to-Wear 1-4 weeks in advance, and Made-to-Measure 4weeks or more in advance. For the curious, here's an explanation of why this amount of time.

How much do your cheongsams cost?
Prices varies with ranges and individual designs, there is no one price fit all. However this is the pricing guide line for your reference.

made-to-measure design consultation, let us work together for a cheongsam that flatters not only your body type, but also your personality. Find out more about cheongsams for different body types.

I live overseas, how do I go about ordering?
We take both ready-to-wear and custom-order cheongsams, and ship internationally. For information are available on the international custom order page.


FAQ | Time for Cheongsam

icon ghost

I want a Cheongsam. How much time do I need ?

Our Ready-to-Wear designs are seasonal and non-repeating, do shop early to prevent disappointment. As cheongsam is best snugly fitted, majority of the ladies will require the ready-to-wear cheongsams to be altered to fit. Should your event be more than 2 months away, we advise you first bring home your new purchase and visit us 1-2 weeks but no more than 1 month in advance for alteration.

Made-to-Measure designs vary largely, time required would depend on the complexity of design, construction, and fit. Expect 2-3 fittings for a simple cheongsam, and up to 6 months for the very elaborate designs.

Fittings are usually scheduled at least 7 days apart, with first fitting following the consultation closely, and the last fitting less than 1 month before the day of use.

In short, a simple made-to-measure cheongsam takes 1-2 months; elaborate cheongsams can take as much time as your schedule allows.


Cheongsams for 35°C

summer cheongsams by mazzario, singapore
Mazzario brings to you weather friendly cheongsams for the impending summer heat, or shall we say, forever?

Long loosly fitted cotton tunics, soft silky second skin chiffon cheongsam, fluffy organza with raised hemline, a whole new shelf of cheongsams to beat 35°C to the game. More cheongsam designs available in store.


FAQ | Before Getting a Made-to-Measure Cheongsam

icon ghost
Gather Basic Event Information such as
Venue, Date & Time, Theme If Any

How do you want to look?
We’re not talking jargons here. Just keywords, long or short? Sweet or sophisticated? Traditional or contemporary?

What you do like or dislike about your body?
No one is born perfect, but we can disguise imperfections, tell us your concerns, and let us overcome them with our expertise.

Have you seen dresses your friends have worn or on magazines that you like? What do you like about it? What would you change?

Collect clippings of these dresses/ cheongsams that you like. It does not necessarily be and the exact piece you wish to wear ( and preferably not and the explaination will require a whole new post ), but we need to see what you’re seeing before integrating these ideas into a cheongsam that is unique to you. And if you are looking at something extraordinary, include non apparel images too. Don’t worry it will not be build-a-monster.

Last but not least, trust your instincts. Smile.


FAQ | The Skinny on The So-Called Cheongsam Figure

12 woman body types

One of the most frequently asked questions is regarding body type.

Can I wear a cheongsam? Are my hips too wide? Am I too fat?

Have you ever look up style guide that teaches you to dress for your body type only end up frustrated at categorizing yourself as either 1 of 2 fruits ( apple or pear ), gender reversal ( boy ), or a time-keeper ( hourglass ).

These over generalized categories really do nothing but to deflate self esteem.

We have therefore put together a list of suggestion of cheongsam style for 12 different body types borrowed from Trinny & Susannah of BBC's What Not To Wear. To simplify things, we have divided the dozen types into 4 self explanatory sub groups as follows:

Bottom Heavy Types

Middle Heavy Types

Top Heavy Types

The Hourglass Variation Types

Click on your type to find out more. pictorial Cheongsam suggestions coming soon


Mazzario is a Get Singapore Brand

mazzario cheongsam singapore on get singapore web
mazzario cheongsam smart casual on get singapore web
Mazzario by Mimi is now a participating brand of Get Singapore. Our Products are featured on the Get Singapore website too.

More Pictures from the launch event are available on our Facebook Page


FAQ | The Skinny on The So-Called Cheongsam Figure | The Hourglass Variation Types

3 Hourglass Types
Hourglass types

  • Hourglass
    Big bust, short waist, big bottom.
    Tight body hugging cheongsam is your best friend. Choose a cheongsam with sharp tailoring to balance your curves.

  • Vase
    Elongated hourglass. Big bust, tummy, flat bottom.
    As with ourglass, go for body-hugging styles, but with more give at the hips for the look of a fuller bum.

  • Cello
    Hourglass stretched horizontally. Big bone. Usually big built.
    Avoid short sleeve cheongsams, instead choose halter type with less coverage on top. A bit of body-con applique with also save the day.


FAQ | The Skinny On The So-Called Cheongsam Figure | Bottom Heavy

3 Bottom Heavy Types

bottom heavy

  • Skittle
    Slim upper half, average bottomm, big thighs
    Really less of a problem than you may worry, but we advise choose a cheongsam with lower slits to cover those thighs

  • Pear
    Slim upper half, big bottom, big thighs & calves
    accentuate the asserts with a body hugging top half, or empire waist. Or balance the lower half with puffed sleeve, structured, long cheongsam

  • Bell
    Tummy, wide hips, big bottom
    Pick a cheongsam with detailing on the upper half to divert attention. Balance with sleeve designs. Fabric is the real tough choice here, something not too soft or hard. Ask the us for advice.

image via


FAQ | The Skinny on The So-Called Cheongsam Figure | Mid Heavy Types

3 Middle Heavy Types

middle heavy types

  • Apple
    Narrow shoulder, thick waist, round.
    A cheongsam with soft fabric and non-hugging should glide over the thick waist. Should you use some help of a body shaper or corset, instead pick a stiffer fabric that holds the shape well, with addition help of body-con prints or colour blocking.

  • Column
    Undefined waist, tummy.
    Little did you know you are suited to high collars, and tapered hemline. These elements of a cheongsam accentuates your height. With the additional help of a belted or flare design, only you know where your problem area lies.

  • Brick

  • Broad shoulders, undefined waist, flat bottom, masculine figure.
    This is admittedly a challenging type for any apparel. But having been in business for years, we have come across every type, and nothing is impossible. A cheongsam that will look good in the air will look good on you too. Structured, with innovative seam construction, body con colour blocking, strategic cut-outs, and meticulously calculated proportions, and shading, and disguises... and... should do the trick.

FAQ | The Skinny On The So-Called Cheongsam Figure | Top Heavy

3 Top Heavy Types

top heavy body types

  • Cornet
    Broad shoulders, undefined waist
    We suggest choosing a body-con, applique or seam construction halter cheongsam

  • Lollipop
    Narrow shoulders, long limbs, full bust
    Straighten those shoulders withcap/ puffed sleeve, and balance the top with a wider hem cheongsam

  • Goblet
    Broad shoulders, long limbs, full bust
    Cut down the visual prominence of the upper half with a bareback halter cheongsam. Or try a either a 2 piece or a visually divided cheongsam

image via


FAQ | How Much Do Your Cheongsams Cost?

We have 3 ranges of cheongsam, namely, ready-to-wear (RTW), made-to-order (MTO) & made-to-measure (MTM).

What is the difference among the 3 ranges?

RTW range starts from SGD49 for a top and SGD159 for a dress.

MTO range will cost only just slightly more, making up for the difference of fabric and workmanship.

MTM, not unlike MTO, will cost more than RTW for the same reason, with an inclusion of design fee for a design that is truly unique to you, from scratch - from paper to mannequin to you.


Molten Cheongsam

ashley in mazzario's black lace petal cheongsam
Ashley posted a gorgeous picture of herself in our black lace & satin petal silk brocade cheongsam, with detail shots and description.

PhotobucketThis is also the cheongsam that kicked off the catwalk on the recent fashion show.

The Molten Cheongsam is especially flattering for the petite. We noticed petite ladies tend to gravitate towards very simple -read: plain- cheongsam, as it is thought to minus the clutter on the very small body. Yet a plain cheongsam too plain for Ashley who prefers much more fun.

Our solution for her is a High bare back, Twist front lace, satin, and Chinese brocade Mini. Yes, so many materials in one, be shocked, but only by the the elegant result.

Available in Colours and sizes. Also made to order.


Early Bird Special


The second half of 2009 has unknowingly crept up on us. It also means we have officially stepped into the busy period of the year. Last year, many of you came to us in December for a Made-to-Measure Cheongsam for Chinese New Year Chinese only to be disappointed as our orders were closed as early as November due to overwhelming response.

To avoid repeating this ungracious act, we have decided to entice you with our new

Early Bird Made-to-Measure Cheongsam Special!

During the test-drive, this special promotion has been attracting a dozen of early birds brides in the know each week.

Though unable to disclose the details online or by mail/ phone, we are certain you are excited to know that this 2-tier promotion gets you a floor length cheongsam for the usual price of a short one; extra crystal beading for the price of a plain one, additional matching bolero for your bareback cheongsam... and the list goes on.

Visit us at our Centrepoint store personally for more details.


Mazzario's CNY Season Operation Hours

25th Jan 09, Sun
1pm to 4pm

26th Jan 09, Mon 

27th Jan 09, Tue

28th Jan 09, Wed 
Mazzario @ Far East Plaza - 3pm to 8pm
Mazzario @ Centrepoint - Closed

29th Jan 09, Thur
Operation Hours As Usual
Mazzario @ Centrepoint - Opened to MTM Consultations ( Finally! )

Mazzario's Cheongsam Featured in Weekend Today

weekend Today Jan 09
The Cheongsam featured is a crane print on black washable silk dual use mini. It is now on sale at $52.Mazzario helps you look fresh while overcoming the recession bite. Dress well and perk up! It's a brand new year ahead! 

On the other hand, many of our regulars prefer spending the same amount on less quantity but higher quality. Stay tuned for our recommendations after the Chinese New Year.


Mazzario's Cheongsam on TV

Mazzario's cheongsam is on TV again.

The Denim Mini Cheongsam is flying off the shelf. Also available in Grey, Navy, Washed Denium and Glittery Black.


Mazzario Cheongsam Featured on Simply Her

SimplyHer09JanMazzario is featured in Jan 09 issue of Simply Her Magazine. This time for work wear. Cheongsam isn't only worn once a year.

Featured are our signature Embroidery Tube, the popular Mini Cheongsam, and everyone's beloved Honey Dress.

Since the increased exposure, all items, and especially so for the Honey Dress is selling much faster than before. Warning: only while stock lasts.


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