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Staff's Choice Cheongsam

staff picks cheongsams
So there are 20 over prints for each washable silk design. Customers have been getting 4-5 each, but how do you choose from the variety? Let us help you with our first installment of Staff's Choice
Rozita's pick - black roses on white - " Simple & nice."
Sarah's pick - red roses on black -" Very retro, all customers look really nice in it."


RBS Card Promotion

Valid Till 28th Feb 09. Exclusive to RBS Credit Card Holders.


Embroidery Tube Featured

teens mag singapore red tube
photo: Teens Magazine

Our signature embroidery tube is featured on Teens Magazine.

Our products were styled alongside a vesper years ago too. Mmmm. Wonder why. Shall dig out the old pics for sharing soon... when we're not busy cutting patterns for sea of cheongsam orders.

Embroidery tube also available in 2 new shimmering versions: Black & Fuchia. Also availble in matte light peach, and red (as shown). Now in the classic fit or elastic.


Shoes for Cheongsam

xmas girls footwearMany of you have asked.
" What shoes do I wear with a cheongsam?"

It really doesn't matter so much whether it is close or open-toe, pointy or round. It is more important to match the style and colour. And most of all the shoes should match your feet and personality.

On the right is an obviously wrong example.

Left of left: Gold & Silver Glitter Platform Sandals
Adds miles to legs, perfect with mini cheongsams. The colour combination of gold & silver is a definite classic, goes well with warm or cool tone cheongsams.

Right of left: Gold & Black Sequined Corsage Sandals
The addition of black makes the pair of sandals a darker shade of gold. Feet appears fairer and cleaner. The pop up effect of the corsage also draws attention away from toes that are less than perfect.

Get regular foot scrub and mask regularly before your event. Finish off with a nail colour.

For a stunning cheongsam with complicated design or print, do a subtle nude or french pedi. For a sleek and simple cheongsam, try a red. Matching the tone to your dress, or you can even try a neon pink for a casual look.


Red Lace Cheongsams

mazzario cheongsam singapore red lace cheongsams
Currently available in 3 designs. First, our classic bareback mini. Second,a new flare knee length with diamond shapes bareback. Third, a full length ruched bodice capsleeved cheongsam.

The range is thick, covers flaws. In many, many, very vibrant colours.

Available ready-to-wear and made-to-order or measure. Can choose different lace and lining combination.

The floor length cheongsam seems to be the most well sought after, especially as an evening cheongsam for wedding march in. This stunning cheongsam was on the insing show and more pictures and video of this cheongsam is also available on our facebook page.


Sequinned Cheongsam

xmas cs girls
The mini cheongsam is now covered in sequins. in Gold and Silver.

Sarah ( in silver ) standing in front of the full length version in gold.

Sarah: Aiya! We should have worn it for prom!

Celeste: ya, it would be soooo cute when we wear like this!

Candi: But too bad, wasted opportunity. No boys in your girls school.

Sarah & Celeste: There's still JC!

Catch the shimmering quality of a longer version of the gold cheongsam in this video on our facebook page.


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