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Amplified Chinese Knot Corded Cheongsam—For Annie

Hand corded Custom Cheongsam
hand corded custom cheongsam
The Chinese knot is not only utilitarian, but has also become an art form on its own. We have used it on The Mystic Cheongsam, making use of a small Chinese knot at the typical and traditional position and grew around the bustier and the waist, framing the bodice part of the cheongsam.

In this Amplified Cheongsam made for Annie, we have crafted the upper part of the cheongsam, including the sleeves and the collar entirely of Chinese knots.
Amplified Chinese Knot Corded Cheongsam—For Annie

Unlike Mystic Cheongsam which is symmetrical and orderly, the Amplified Cheongsam is a little messy, slightly unkempt, breaking all the stereotypes of a cheongsam. The meticulously corded and twined and stitched was shaped bit by bit on dress form, and hand stitched carefully to the full length Chinese brocade cheongsam shaped bustier with high slits.

Annie said she never expected Cheongsam Qipao could be modern and grungy like this. How else would you like we to change your Qipao Cheongsam stereotype?

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