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Pamelyn Chee decks out our classic cheongsam in style

We love how actress Pamelyn Chee decks out our classic cheongsam in style. Lighten up a dark gown with off-white details, texturised with lace and embroidery. Perfect for any ladies who know exactly how to make an in impression.


Does this sea blue “qipao” make you feel refreshing under this hot weather?

This floral cheongsam with lace mandarin collar is an elegant design that is very suitable for wedding and formal events.


Lace halter neck mandarin collar top (modern cheongsam top) and silk crop pants

What to wear when the weather turns hot? These lace halter neck mandarin collar top and silk crop pants can make you stay cool on the street!


Handsewn Lace on Denim Sleeveless cheongsam dress

Denim Sleeveless cheongsam dress with Handsewn Lace. This is modern and comfortable fit design makes it easy to wear every day. Available in different colours.


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