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Empire Cut Flare Cheongsam

Flare Empire Cut Cotton Cheongsam

Here at Mazzario, we have long been reluctant to make flare cheongsams, especially the retro full-circle flare that many have asked for. Majority of our customers, being petite built, find it hard to carry off a cheongsam with so much fabric, fearing it may drown their already small stature. However, due to the continuous Mad Men fad, the 60s come back, we have added just one such style to our collection. Now, it is not uncommon for the flare cheongsam to becoming an alternative 2nd choice for our returning customer.

The Empire Cut Flare Cheongsam is also recommended for both pear-shaped body types and surprisingly the broad shoulder type.

The open mandarin collar, and a very slight capsleeve, balance the heavier bottom silhouette. And the mix and max prints pays tribute to the classics while updating the style. This cheongsam says fun-in-the-sun in every move. Black shades and picnic basket not for sale.


Cheongsam Dress Style for Pear-Shape—Part 2

How to choose a designer cheongsam for your body type is one of the most common inquiries we get receive in email. Following last week's Cheongsam Dress Style for Pear-Shape—Part 1 in which we talked about a common tactic of Hide & Conceal, we continue to explore a second method of choosing a Qipao, a Cheongsam or any tight fitting dress styles.

Cheongsam Styles for Pear-Shape

Distract & Balance

Many petite, especially Asian ladies are challenged by the Hide & Conceal Solution. Too much fabric easily drowns the small stature, or may be inapproriate for events that calls for a dress code that is sleek and simple. In such cases, Distract & Balance is a great alternative.

Sleeves such as that in Image 3: Diamond Capsleeve Lace Cheongsam is a common tool for balance. It should however be chosen with care, inot oversized compared to your frame, paying special attention to shoulder and chest width. Sleeve style is also important. The decision to pick a Dolman, leg of mutton, bell or tulip has to be a cautious one. Overdo it, and risk looking like Tarzan.

Draw the eyes up and outwards, with an element that stands out from the rest, such as a unique lace applique shown in Image 5: Fall Cheongsam, or paneled detailing that directs the eyes to the centre and towards the collar as in Image 8.

Another way of balancing is by adding volume to the upper body. Image 6: Honey Cheongsam Dress with it's voluminous ruching easily balances the heavy lower body. Image 7: Molten Cheongsam spots an interesting twist front design over a translucent layer of lace, drawing the eyes upwards. We guarantee no one will ever pay attention to what comes below.

Enough for now, let us tell you more about the last cheongsam solution to the pear-shape in the next article.



Draped Wrap Dress with Mandarin Collar—Hazelle

Wrap Dress with Mandarin Collar—Hazelle
Wrap Dress with Mandarin Collar—Hazelle

Don't we often crave to look good even for casual night out at the new swanky alfresco. Wine & Dine however does not always go well with the idea of looking good, especially in a traditionally suffocating cheongsam. Count on us to shake things up a little again, to change your idea of what a Qipao or chinese dress must be.

Bearing only in mind what cheongsam design is quintessentially and the hourglass figure it portrays, we ditched all other notions and present to you Hazelle.

Hazelle is a draped wrap dress with mandarin collar, ruched at the right areas to give the illusion of an hourglass. Yes, we said illusion, which means it really isn't what it appears to be.

The adjustable size and the elasticity makes it the perfect dress whether for a romantic night out fine-dining, or a day at your children's birthday party by the pool. A few pregnant ladies have already snapped Hazelle up as their new maternity tunic too. It will quickly become your go-to designer cheongsam for every unimaginable occasion.

Also See other cheongsam from the New Ready-to-Wear Cheongsam Collection for your every oriental themed event.


Cheongsam Dress Style for Pear-Shape—Part 1

Cheongsam is like fashion bungee. For the niche, and the daring. The cheongsam, or qipao's reputation as the extremely tight fit, suffocating, and only for the perfect bodies has set back many interested ladies. Tired of the same " I'm too fat", I'm not perfect." Seriously, there is no such thing as perfection. Therefore we are here to dispel the misconception with a series of suggestions for the different real body-types.

Cheongsam Styles for Pear-Shape or Other Bottom-Heavy Types

Cheongsam Styles for Pear-Shape

There are actually 2 different ways to choose the right Cheongsam dress style for the pear-shaped or bottom-heavy body types.

First, let us introduce the most common solution most of the trouble ladies already know by instinct.

Hide & Conceal

The first reaction we have to things we dislike is to hide it or run away from it. We treat our body no differently from these other generic things. Hiding & Concealing the bottom-heavy shape we have is the most common solution. We imagine that when we don't see the contours of our bodies, they in fact, do not exist. This solution calls for careful execution or may end up looking like the Ku Klux Klan, or an over-sized umbrella.

The use of soft fabric with a good drape is essential. It is important to ensure it does not fall too close to the lower-body (image 1). Detailing at the hemline well below the hips such as asymmetry and ruffles is also helpful (image 2). Prints carefully selected (image 3:cheongsam for summer days) in different scale, colour and density also visually minimizes.

Last but often forgotten is the length of the cheongsam dress. Where the hemline ends plays a significant role in the observer's perspective. Take into consideration the wearer's height and size, event formality & personality and you will be able to pick the best cheongsam style whatever body-shape you are.


Handmade Button Keyhole Cheongsam—Abi

Mazzario Cheongsam Abi Buttoned Lace Front
Many of our local Singaporean customers fear a cheongsam is too dressy, or too tight to be worn to less formal occasions. Our new ready-to-wear collection serves to break these stereotypes. Following the last introduction of a sexy toga cheongsam—Talia, is a buttoned front bare-back lace & printed cotton cheongsam.

The edgy swirl print echoes the venetian lace perfectly. In addtion, the handmade Mandarin buttons and keyhole feature on the front injects a sense of primness and elegance to the otherwise playful combination.

Comfortable in tropical weather, sexy, playful and elegant, maybe you can really have it all.


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