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Cheongsam Dress Style for Pear-Shape—Part 3

How to choose a designer cheongsam for your body type is one of the most common inquiries we get receive in email. Following past weeks' Cheongsam Dress Style for Pear-Shape—Part 1 in which we talked about a common tactic of Hide & Conceal, and in Part 2 we talked about Distract & Balance. In this last installment we shall show you more of the lesser known, but in our opinion the best solution—Optical Illusion.

Cheongsam Styles for Pear-Shape

The problem with Hiding & Concealing your bottom is that everyone knows it as well. While everyone is busy making oneself taller and slimmer, there must only be one reason why any sane lady would want to wear a parachute on ground level which does everything but.

The clever use of the combination of tailoring and prints can do just that but look instead like you did not try at all. Opt for the right colour combination of big and small prints at the appropriate portion, with the right amount of ruche and tucks. Throw in some ingenious construction which gives you the right support where you need. Everyone would think you are a natural.


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