Made to Measure Service available at Wheelock Place #03-06 only.


Sculpted Leaves Bustier Top

leaves bustier

After her first cheongsam with us, perhaps she likes our style, or she likes our service, she's commissioned us to do a corset top for her.

Known to few but our regular clients, we make things other than cheongsams. Yes, things, not just apparel, as long as the idea intrigues us enough, and time is on both the client and our side.

She wanted —in her words— " just a corset, very stiff and boned". We thought "just" a corset wouldn't do. We sat down and forced her to think about her expectations. Eventually she pointed out she wanted a simple sophisticated corset that is understated yet a statement! What contradiction like us women all are.

After much discussion, we settled on the idea of leaves, and we suggested specifically fallen leaves that looks piled on ground. The result is a hand sculpted 3 dimensional effect on the bust area for accentuation, and the special seam construction echoes the idea, together with the embedded boning, creates a waist that can't quite get smaller than this. If the bustier top sounds uncomfortable, it is, let the client remind you— 'no pain, no gain'.


Variation on the Mandarin Collar

3 rabbit collar cheongsam

She knew she wanted a cheongsam with a special mandarin collar, yet it cannot emphasize the roundness of her cheeks (or so most women think of ourselves).

We created a simple ivory white Chinese Silk Brocade Bareback Mini Cheongsam, with a specially designed collar for this client. The collar is made up of three differently shaped layers in lace, individually trimmed in traditional cheongsam piping finish, the result is in varying opacity, finished with a generous dose of sequin sparkles.

The V shape effect not only elongates the neck and vaguely evokes the feeling of a bow-tie collar, much suited to the wine & dine function she was to attend.


Wedding Cheongsam Set for Tea Ceremony & Dinner

Lyn & Yap Wedding Cheongsam

Lyn is wearing a gold lace bareback halter cheongsam embellished with Swarovski crystals for the wedding dinner. Lyn wears a white & gold lace mini cheongsam for her tea ceremony. She opted for the Day & Night Bridal Package, and decided to add on from there. The result are the 2 elegant pieces shown above.

lifen_gold_cheongsam back

Congratulations Lyn & Yap. And many thanks for sharing the happiest day ( yet ) in your lives.


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