Made to Measure Service available at Wheelock Place #03-06 only.


Cheongsams for 35°C

summer cheongsams by mazzario, singapore
Mazzario brings to you weather friendly cheongsams for the impending summer heat, or shall we say, forever?

Long loosly fitted cotton tunics, soft silky second skin chiffon cheongsam, fluffy organza with raised hemline, a whole new shelf of cheongsams to beat 35°C to the game. More cheongsam designs available in store.


FAQ | Before Getting a Made-to-Measure Cheongsam

icon ghost
Gather Basic Event Information such as
Venue, Date & Time, Theme If Any

How do you want to look?
We’re not talking jargons here. Just keywords, long or short? Sweet or sophisticated? Traditional or contemporary?

What you do like or dislike about your body?
No one is born perfect, but we can disguise imperfections, tell us your concerns, and let us overcome them with our expertise.

Have you seen dresses your friends have worn or on magazines that you like? What do you like about it? What would you change?

Collect clippings of these dresses/ cheongsams that you like. It does not necessarily be and the exact piece you wish to wear ( and preferably not and the explaination will require a whole new post ), but we need to see what you’re seeing before integrating these ideas into a cheongsam that is unique to you. And if you are looking at something extraordinary, include non apparel images too. Don’t worry it will not be build-a-monster.

Last but not least, trust your instincts. Smile.


FAQ | The Skinny on The So-Called Cheongsam Figure

12 woman body types

One of the most frequently asked questions is regarding body type.

Can I wear a cheongsam? Are my hips too wide? Am I too fat?

Have you ever look up style guide that teaches you to dress for your body type only end up frustrated at categorizing yourself as either 1 of 2 fruits ( apple or pear ), gender reversal ( boy ), or a time-keeper ( hourglass ).

These over generalized categories really do nothing but to deflate self esteem.

We have therefore put together a list of suggestion of cheongsam style for 12 different body types borrowed from Trinny & Susannah of BBC's What Not To Wear. To simplify things, we have divided the dozen types into 4 self explanatory sub groups as follows:

Bottom Heavy Types

Middle Heavy Types

Top Heavy Types

The Hourglass Variation Types

Click on your type to find out more. pictorial Cheongsam suggestions coming soon


Mazzario is a Get Singapore Brand

mazzario cheongsam singapore on get singapore web
mazzario cheongsam smart casual on get singapore web
Mazzario by Mimi is now a participating brand of Get Singapore. Our Products are featured on the Get Singapore website too.

More Pictures from the launch event are available on our Facebook Page


FAQ | The Skinny on The So-Called Cheongsam Figure | The Hourglass Variation Types

3 Hourglass Types
Hourglass types

  • Hourglass
    Big bust, short waist, big bottom.
    Tight body hugging cheongsam is your best friend. Choose a cheongsam with sharp tailoring to balance your curves.

  • Vase
    Elongated hourglass. Big bust, tummy, flat bottom.
    As with ourglass, go for body-hugging styles, but with more give at the hips for the look of a fuller bum.

  • Cello
    Hourglass stretched horizontally. Big bone. Usually big built.
    Avoid short sleeve cheongsams, instead choose halter type with less coverage on top. A bit of body-con applique with also save the day.


FAQ | The Skinny On The So-Called Cheongsam Figure | Bottom Heavy

3 Bottom Heavy Types

bottom heavy

  • Skittle
    Slim upper half, average bottomm, big thighs
    Really less of a problem than you may worry, but we advise choose a cheongsam with lower slits to cover those thighs

  • Pear
    Slim upper half, big bottom, big thighs & calves
    accentuate the asserts with a body hugging top half, or empire waist. Or balance the lower half with puffed sleeve, structured, long cheongsam

  • Bell
    Tummy, wide hips, big bottom
    Pick a cheongsam with detailing on the upper half to divert attention. Balance with sleeve designs. Fabric is the real tough choice here, something not too soft or hard. Ask the us for advice.

image via


FAQ | The Skinny on The So-Called Cheongsam Figure | Mid Heavy Types

3 Middle Heavy Types

middle heavy types

  • Apple
    Narrow shoulder, thick waist, round.
    A cheongsam with soft fabric and non-hugging should glide over the thick waist. Should you use some help of a body shaper or corset, instead pick a stiffer fabric that holds the shape well, with addition help of body-con prints or colour blocking.

  • Column
    Undefined waist, tummy.
    Little did you know you are suited to high collars, and tapered hemline. These elements of a cheongsam accentuates your height. With the additional help of a belted or flare design, only you know where your problem area lies.

  • Brick

  • Broad shoulders, undefined waist, flat bottom, masculine figure.
    This is admittedly a challenging type for any apparel. But having been in business for years, we have come across every type, and nothing is impossible. A cheongsam that will look good in the air will look good on you too. Structured, with innovative seam construction, body con colour blocking, strategic cut-outs, and meticulously calculated proportions, and shading, and disguises... and... should do the trick.

FAQ | The Skinny On The So-Called Cheongsam Figure | Top Heavy

3 Top Heavy Types

top heavy body types

  • Cornet
    Broad shoulders, undefined waist
    We suggest choosing a body-con, applique or seam construction halter cheongsam

  • Lollipop
    Narrow shoulders, long limbs, full bust
    Straighten those shoulders withcap/ puffed sleeve, and balance the top with a wider hem cheongsam

  • Goblet
    Broad shoulders, long limbs, full bust
    Cut down the visual prominence of the upper half with a bareback halter cheongsam. Or try a either a 2 piece or a visually divided cheongsam

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