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Mystic Cheongsam—Reinterpretted

mystic black open collar cheongsam
The intricate hand-cording on the Mystic Cheongsam in no time became Mazzario's signature work. Many have asked for it made into different versions of it, to suit different occasions and personalities. It has been used not only on Gold Foil Chinese Brocade for a wedding, but also combined with another signature of ours, the Empire Halter Mini Cheongsam.

The boldness of hand-cording detail has usually been applied to the high collared cheongsams to counterbalance the demure expression of a high collar cheongsam. This time, however, it is employed to introduce subtlety to the sexy low V-neck & V-back with mandarin collar. The meandering hand cording softens the edge of the harsh black brocade with just a dash of Chinese ethnicity called for in the inter-racial wedding it was commissioned for.


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