Made to Measure Service available at Wheelock Place #03-06 only.


Mazzario Cheongsams featured on Love, Love Me do

We are featured on a local wedding blog Love, Love Me do.
"I love their subtle elegance which are perfect for daytime activities. For a glamourous evening, it’s time to let down the hair and shine in these daring creations from Mazzario."
Thanks Claire & Ilane!
With your support, we will continue to bring sexy back -- recreating the traditional expressions of a cheongsam, evoking the sentiments a cheongsam was meant to convey:
sexy elegent, subtlely.

Jess in Cheongsam

Jess in Cheongsam
Jess went for a make over in our Mazzario cheongsam. Her hair was styled to compliment the oriental apparel. We're glad she refused to be made up in the popular lilac eye make up suggested by the artist. The trendy black and silver smokey eye modernized the look.


Chinese Brocade Zip-Shift

This Chinese silk brocade shift dress with front zip as embellishment, may just be your answer to the day-to-night work dress.

For Day, fully zip upped paired with black or gold pointy heels and cardigan. For night, zip it down, dust your decolletage with shimmer powder, top it off with your favourite biker jacket, and change to the season's must-have open-toe shoe boot.

Chinese apparel isn't for waitress only.


Day & Night Bridal Tailored Cheongsam Package

Most of our brides make 2 cheongsams with us in one visit. And many of asked about packages. We heard you.

For an Introductory Price of $999,
you get 2 made-to-measure Cheongsams:

1 Short Embroidery Lace Tea-Length Cheongsam
-- as the name suggests, commonly used for tea ceremony, afternoon reception or ROM.

1 Beaded Full-Length Evening Cheongsam
-- for dinner march-in, reception and affectionately known as the "bye bye thank u for coming cheongsam"

Till end Nov 08 or while your choice fabric lasts:)


Made-to-Order Cheongsam Service

icon service

Like the off the rack cheongsam designs but like it in a different colour? No time for made-to-measure or tailoring?

You can now opt for our new made-to-order service. We will guide you on the change of fabric or colour, so do not worry about the result of your experimental choices.

As these made-to-order cheongsams will be made in our standard sizes, measurements need not be taken, therefore you can expect a shorter delivery time and higher cost-efficiency.

Visit us at Mazzario @ Centrepoint for more details.


Securing Your Cheongsam

Have trouble keeping your low bareback cheongsams in place? or even if it is, you just aren't used to baring so much.

Try either the Hollywood Fashion Tape or masking tape ( yes the one from art supply store) which one of our customers -- a beauty industry insider -- swears by.

For Halter ( or very cut-in cheongsams ), place the tape the the armhole, with the bust dart as centre, and secure to your skin while your body bends 45 degree.

For bareback, in addition to the above, also tape on either sides of the centre back zip, standing in an upright position.

Jump around a bit ( silly but that's a trade-off for security ) to make sure the cheongsam does not shift around. If it does, start again.


Knitted Rainbow Cheongsam

knitted rainbow cheongsam

Quite contrary to what a cheongsam wearer should be, this very elastic and comfortable Knitted Rainbow Cheongsam is perfect for the active modern lady who wants the traditional cheongsam look without sacrificing the normal-day activities.

We recommend the Knitted Rainbow Cheongsam for casual friday, wedding reception, and a not so formal company dinner, or any Shanghai night themed party.

Inspired by the rainbow and the myriads of colours in a water droplet, the cheongsam comes in -- as the name suggests -- rainbow coloured. Fastened with exposed zip at the back, contrasting stitch. The zip comes in many bright colours. We love the yellow and fuschia, making it truly multi-coloured.


Mazzario Mentioned

Mazzario's cheongsams are mentioned on Chocolate's Style Diary on Stylehive. We must say she made some very good shopping decision to have bought two of the most popular dresses. 

On the left is the empire halter mini cheongsam that Mazzario's customer can recognize in an instant. Here in neon green thick double trim and floral silk brocade. Appropriate as a tea dress for "chum cha" or Shanghai Night or just any i feel-like-modern-oriental-day. 

On the right is the washable silk mini cheongsam, best for high tea or attending afternoon wedding reception. Can be worn over tights or jeans as a tunic for a more casual day out.

photo courtesy stylehive

Left: Empire Halter Mini Cheongsam; Right: Washable Silk Cheongsam


How to wear: Reversible Scarf

reversible scarf

Many of you have purchased our popular reversible scarf to go with our cheongsams. Even after our 10 minutes of live demo, we still receive feedbacks on not remembering the available styles.

At Mazzario @ Centrepoint, we would show you 3 to 5 ways. But as we played around with it, we discovered more! And we are sharing with you here the many more ways of wearing it. Send us an email or write on our Facebook Page to tell us your new discoveries!


Imposter Alert

Several customers have kindly informed us of a competiting shop ' X ' at Far East Plaza which has been posing as Mazzario.

In one of the cases, a customer who did not know of our relocation asked shop X, and was told that X is Mazzario with a location and name change. Any regular customer of ours can easily tell from the product that it cannot be true. When Shop X realises our customer sees through their ploy, they quickly informed them Mazzario is no longer in business.

We are now at The Centrepoint #02-25 ( opp M&S Cafe ) and Far East Plaza #03-41A ( near the exit of the cluster of many small shops ) 

Please beware of such imposter, and inform your friends who ask you about your Mazzario cheongsam.

Petals Cheongsam

Petals Cheongsam by Mazzario cheongsam singapore
This cheongsam is front slitted to provide opportunity for the lace petals to run through the dress, visually guiding the eyes on the body, introducing curves where needed. All the petals were hand stitched. They run up the slit, and  from twills around framing the mid backback.

Customer have mixed opinions about the cheongsam, some says traditional and modern in one, some say romantic, and a young customers says gothic. Tell us what you think.

We are at The Centrepoint #02-25

cp ext 1
Posting photos of our new Centrepoint shop because many of you our regular customers been sending feedbacks that you get lost.

We are right next to the Kaplan link bridge, directly opposite Marks  parking is available both at the Centrepoint and Starhub Centre. Starhub is cheaper, and nearer to walk to our shop. 

But on weekends, or those crazy Robinsons sale days, I recommend parking at Cenretpoint Carpark as the Starhub Exit may get choked. During the last Robinson sale on a Sunday, I was stuck at the carpark for 45mins :(

cp ext 2
cp int 2
You should recognise our partition with your pretty pix!

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