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Mystic Hand-Corded Cheongsam

Mystic Cheongsam
Cheongsam is the undeniable epitome of extreme femininity and demureness. Think Maggie Cheung in the classic movie In the Mood For Love. To make things more complicated, the Cheongsam also has a  reputation of being the Chinese's equal of the Victorian corset, so form-fitting, so uncomfortable. Many of today's 'real' women have been frightened by such outdated stereotypes, it takes the courageous few to step out in line with us Mazzario to re-create the Chinese-femininity.

Not forgetting the strength, the perseverance, and the courageousness of women of all ages, here at Mazzario Cheongsam, we amplified the idea of traditional Chinese knots and buttons, and made it a feature on a daringly cut bareback halter mini cheongsam. The use of such bold detail completely transformed the personality of a traditional cheongsam, and instead speaks the language of a youthful, strong and contemporary women who respects tradition, and is unafraid of many ripples of change to come.

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