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Mazzario Cheongsam at Launch

Mazzario Cheongsam Singapore Event inSing

Mazzario: Cheongsam Shop showcased some of our Cheongsams at the recent launch. It is an event where Singaporean brands are showcased celebrating the launch of this new all-Singaporean search platform.
... intricate workmanship is just one aspect of their custome-made pieces... models walked the runway... and brought out the sexy in this classic garment.
--Web Magazine Tongue in Chic, who did a succinct cover of our segment.

More photos of the event are available on our Facebook Page, just click on the photo album.

And a video of the rehearsal is also available for those of you asking for alternative views of our cheongsams. The Gilded Sequin Cheongsams shows up much better in video than in picture. 


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