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FAQ | The Skinny On The So-Called Cheongsam Figure | Bottom Heavy

3 Bottom Heavy Types

bottom heavy

  • Skittle
    Slim upper half, average bottomm, big thighs
    Really less of a problem than you may worry, but we advise choose a cheongsam with lower slits to cover those thighs

  • Pear
    Slim upper half, big bottom, big thighs & calves
    accentuate the asserts with a body hugging top half, or empire waist. Or balance the lower half with puffed sleeve, structured, long cheongsam

  • Bell
    Tummy, wide hips, big bottom
    Pick a cheongsam with detailing on the upper half to divert attention. Balance with sleeve designs. Fabric is the real tough choice here, something not too soft or hard. Ask the us for advice.

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