Made to Measure Service available at Wheelock Place #03-06 only.


Simple Shape Cheongsam


The client asked for a cheongsam that is simple, she can dance in ( reads: comfortable and stretchy ), reflects her personality, and unlike the last cheongsam we created for her full of floral applique and Swarovski crystals.

She is every bit a lady, soft spoken, mild mannered, smart, and elegant, yet the twinkle in her eyes betrays the sense of mischief in. When asked how she would like her cheongsam, she showed us the Mad Men series promotional pictures.

60s aesthetics in the 21st century sensibility. We are talking about a well mannered lady who tangos in a cheongsam.

Simple shapes were made on the cheongsam, all to enhance the female form, fabric of assorted elasticity was opted to be placed on different areas, with the lightest colour growing from the centre.

There was much calculations to be made, for every shape made. It was truly a dress for the lady of intellect.


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