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FAQ | The Skinny on The So-Called Cheongsam Figure | Mid Heavy Types

3 Middle Heavy Types

middle heavy types

  • Apple
    Narrow shoulder, thick waist, round.
    A cheongsam with soft fabric and non-hugging should glide over the thick waist. Should you use some help of a body shaper or corset, instead pick a stiffer fabric that holds the shape well, with addition help of body-con prints or colour blocking.

  • Column
    Undefined waist, tummy.
    Little did you know you are suited to high collars, and tapered hemline. These elements of a cheongsam accentuates your height. With the additional help of a belted or flare design, only you know where your problem area lies.

  • Brick

  • Broad shoulders, undefined waist, flat bottom, masculine figure.
    This is admittedly a challenging type for any apparel. But having been in business for years, we have come across every type, and nothing is impossible. A cheongsam that will look good in the air will look good on you too. Structured, with innovative seam construction, body con colour blocking, strategic cut-outs, and meticulously calculated proportions, and shading, and disguises... and... should do the trick.


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