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Shoes for Cheongsam

xmas girls footwearMany of you have asked.
" What shoes do I wear with a cheongsam?"

It really doesn't matter so much whether it is close or open-toe, pointy or round. It is more important to match the style and colour. And most of all the shoes should match your feet and personality.

On the right is an obviously wrong example.

Left of left: Gold & Silver Glitter Platform Sandals
Adds miles to legs, perfect with mini cheongsams. The colour combination of gold & silver is a definite classic, goes well with warm or cool tone cheongsams.

Right of left: Gold & Black Sequined Corsage Sandals
The addition of black makes the pair of sandals a darker shade of gold. Feet appears fairer and cleaner. The pop up effect of the corsage also draws attention away from toes that are less than perfect.

Get regular foot scrub and mask regularly before your event. Finish off with a nail colour.

For a stunning cheongsam with complicated design or print, do a subtle nude or french pedi. For a sleek and simple cheongsam, try a red. Matching the tone to your dress, or you can even try a neon pink for a casual look.


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