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Wedding Cheongsam—For Eileen

photos via Ambi Photography

A Singapore bride often has one too many things to take care of, the who-sits-where and the rest of wedding preparation is often a good enough replacement for pre-wedding diet regime.

Some brides, on the other hand, prefer a much simpler life. Shown here in gorgeous and narrative wedding day photos by Ambi Photography is a Singapore bride who prefers a much simpler life. One wedding dress for all.

The bride has a very clear idea of what a cheongsam should be. High mandarin collar, snugly fitted and high slits, as in Maggie Cheung in In the Mood for Love. A cheongsam she can wear during every of her wedding event, and even after, integrated into the wardrobe of her married life.

The tea ceremoney mini cheongsam with a very high mandarin collar looks washed in delicate blush pink lace from top down, covering the collar and the bare back, gradually fading away towards the waist. At the waist is where it begins to transform for the wedding dinner. A full skirt with inner soft tulle in cream to pink graduation is worn over the same cheongsam, at once more elegant and sophistication. To add more drama to the whole occasion, the cheongsam is finally attached with a sweeping soft train pulled together with a belt fastened with mandarin buttons. The finale sees the bride in a cheongsam that looks as good coming in as it is going out.


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