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Cheongsam Dress Style for Apple-Shaped-Body-Type—Part 1—Slimmer by Silhouette

Following our introduction to how-to dress for pear-shaped body type, in which we covered different techniques in 3 the 3 part series—

we shall look at a completely different type in this post. This type is always envious of the Pear, just as the Pear is of them.

Apple Shaped Body Type typically has an enviable upper body and problems in the middle with thicker waist, smaller hips. Many wish they could do fair exchange with the Pear Shaped body type.

The first idea that comes to mind for the Apple body types, just like everyone else, is to cover up the parts you dislike about yourself. We notice many clients wear loose fitting dropped waist dresses, and Korean Hanbok-like flared-above-bust tops that only makes matter worse.

Isn't Cheongsam only for the hourglass screen siren? Many have asked.

There are certainly more options for the blessed, but life isn't all that grim for the Apple body type either. We have summarized 2 categories of cheongsams suitable for the Apple body type with a bigger waist.

PART 1—How to Look Slimmer by Silhouette
Cheongsams or Qipao, or even just dresses in general, that fulfill the following will most likely be suitable for your Apple body type with a less-defined waist line.
  • Halter Neck or Cut-In Cheongsam
  • Open Mandarin Collar
  • Low-Back or Bare-Back Cheongsam
  • Mini or Short Cheongsam
  • Mermaid or Fit & Flare Cheongsam Gown
If you happen to encounter more than 2 of these qualities in a single cheongsam, it will most probably be very flattering for you.
The Othelia Cheongsam Gown ticks a few items on the list. It is opened collar to cut the bulk of the upper body, it is halter & bare back style which shows off the well formed area, it is of mermaid shape, with a very flattering fit and flare hemline to bring attention to those toned legs. Plus, it comes with a belt, which we will address in Part 2.
Another flattering style with be the following ruched bustier mermaid cut cheongsam. The ruched bandeau style helps visually slim the middle by proportion, paired with a form fitting fish-tail bottom, it hugs at all the right places to divert attention.
asymmetrical circle cheongsam in silk chiffon

The Bow-Tied Cheongsam is one of if not the most perfect fit for the Apple body type. Low back, check. Cut-in Halter, check. Mermaid, check. Plus it has a contrasting band running from below the front collar to right above the hips, finished with a bow. Everything from the silhouette to the visual proportion makes this is number 1 choice for any one looking for a great cheongsam, qipao, or just any dress to divert attention from what we do not speak of.
Bow Tied Halter Cheongsam with Sweeping Train

By now, you should have a good idea of the cheongsam silhouette suitable for the Apple Shaped Body Type, in Part 2 of the series, you have learn more about using Visual guidance to choose the right designer cheongsam for your body type.

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