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Cheongsam Dress Style for Apple-Shaped-Body-Type—Part 2—Cut & Paste

Following the last 3-part series of How-To for the pear-shaped body-type, we went on to show you several cheongsam styles that are suitable for the apple-shaped body-type. We showed you how to dress, as much as you would deny in public—slimmer, taller, & younger— by choosing the right silhouette to accentuate your pride and hide the less-than.

In this post, we pick up where we left off in Part 1, we will be showing you how to choose the right cutting and print for your apple-shaped body-type.

First, take a look at the set of photos below. They may look seemingly different at a glance, but there is ONE similarity.
honey dressMazzario Cheongsam Gwen Ruched Wrap MiniCotton Printed Capsleeve
Have you picked out the similarity? It may not be very obvious... all 3 designs are waisted, at natural waist. This way, the waistline which, beforehand, was less obvious is now highlighted. The ruching treatment in all the dresses also adds more 3-dimensionality to the otherwise flatter silhouette. 

Next, what is common among the following 3 cheongsam designs?
Mazzario Cheongsam Talia Togacheongsam open mandarin collar a-line with leather trimFall & Petals Cheongsam

Did you guess elaborate hemline? If you did, you are absolutely right.

From left to right:
The Talia Toga has a thigh high front slit that leads to a elaborate metallic lace insert;
The V-neck low waisted cotton mini cut across just above the hips, increase visual weight and horizontality;
The Petals Cheongsam has intricate lace applique adorning the otherwise simple black keyhole cheongsam, bring the attention down, to your legs instead.

Using the above 2 Cut & Paste techniques combined with identifying the right silhouette in Part 1, you should be well equipped for your next cheongsam spree. Remember, in doubt, trust your instincts, or in case that fails, visit or email us for advice as well as product enquiry.


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