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Draped Wrap Dress with Mandarin Collar—Hazelle

Wrap Dress with Mandarin Collar—Hazelle
Wrap Dress with Mandarin Collar—Hazelle

Don't we often crave to look good even for casual night out at the new swanky alfresco. Wine & Dine however does not always go well with the idea of looking good, especially in a traditionally suffocating cheongsam. Count on us to shake things up a little again, to change your idea of what a Qipao or chinese dress must be.

Bearing only in mind what cheongsam design is quintessentially and the hourglass figure it portrays, we ditched all other notions and present to you Hazelle.

Hazelle is a draped wrap dress with mandarin collar, ruched at the right areas to give the illusion of an hourglass. Yes, we said illusion, which means it really isn't what it appears to be.

The adjustable size and the elasticity makes it the perfect dress whether for a romantic night out fine-dining, or a day at your children's birthday party by the pool. A few pregnant ladies have already snapped Hazelle up as their new maternity tunic too. It will quickly become your go-to designer cheongsam for every unimaginable occasion.

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