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Mystic Cheongsam With Hand Knotted Cords on Actual Wedding Day

Mystic Cheongsam with Hand Knotted Cords

Mystic Cheongsam has lived up to it's name since our first creation. The intricacy of the tedious handiwork of the cording as well as the visual impact has captivated the hearts of many modern edgy lady and bride to be alike.

Mystic Cheongsam
Mystic Cheongsam

Thank you Agnes for sending us your wonderful photos. The piece custom made for Agnes spots a different shape from the original to suit her figure. It has no side slits, and is tulip shaped to balance to winged tips of the cords.

If you have ever stared hard at your screen and tried to make out what the embossed pattern is made of, keep reading for the mystery to be revealed. Some of you who have visited us at our store at the Centrepoint might have caught us playing with large coils of straw-looking objects.

These are cords made from many very wide strips of Chinese silk brocade. They are them carefully twined to form the desired shapes—desirable shapes that accentuate desirable figure. They are then positioned and hand stitched to a completed cheongsam. The result is what you see, a captivating modern cheongsam that is unique and different from anything you have seen.

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