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Gold Chinese Silk Cheongsam with Gold Lace Overlay

Gold Chinese Silk Brocade with Lace Overlay

For you who are familiar with Mazzario Cheongsam, you would know that Chinese Silk Brocade is one of our favorite fabrics to work with. Be it a classic Tea Dress with double trimming or the fashion-forward customer favourite Empire Halter Mini Cheongsam; the Talia Toga Cheongsam or the Mystic Corded Mini Cheongsam we constantly strive to revive the beautful traditional fabric to it's former glory.

Honey Cheongsam Dress in Custom Colour Mazzario Cheongsam Talia Toga Mystic Cheongsam with Hand Knotted Cords

Here comes the bride who just like almost every girl and even more so bride-to-be out there ( or here!), can't give up the love for the delicacy and glamour that lace fabric lends, even to a cheongsam.

Yet, a cheongsam carries with it the many burdens of its important role in Chinese period dramas and Wong Kar Wai's movie In The Mood For Love.

Gold Chinese Silk Brocade with Lace Overlay

Of the greedy nature that we sometimes deny, we would not refuse combination of the two for this bridal cheongsam. Afterall, Singapore is all about fusion-everything. See for yourself how the golden lace overlay glimmers on the traditional cream coloured brocade with traditional florals. Fully lined in red just for that extra dose of Chinese auspiciousness, even on the inside.

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