Made to Measure Service available at Wheelock Place #03-06 only.


Peranakan Cheongsam

green & fuschia embroidery cheongsam

A client wanted a bareback cheongsam with strictly fuchsia embroidery on a lime green background. We were given little time and worked on a tight budget.

With the little time on hand, we could not commission custom embroidery to be done. We were left with the option of either lace or netted embroidery fabric.

The original embroidery flowers (as shown above) were ivory. Every flower was painstakingly painted over with 2 washes of bright fuchia. These flowers were then cut out closely along the edges, before being sewn onto the cheongsam before assembly. The flowers were arranged to enhance the female form, accentuating the waistline.

The flowers then flow from the bodice, over the shoulder, to the waist at the back, forming a diagonal fuchsia tattoo florals. This band divides the weight of the full length gown, thus provide more security for the client in the low back dress without sacrificing the aesthetics.


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