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New Site

The New

This is our new Mazzario site ( new address, layout, host, content and everything else ) until I find a new reliable host. In addition, please update our address from to from now on. I'm deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.


As you may have noticed this is a blog format, thus, is compelled to take on a less formal tone than the previous one. Guess we have been much too ambitious with the last one, from designing to coding, photography to documentary. Despite our love for making everything from scratch, the increasing workload ( meaning clothes ), this idiot-proof platform is finally peeling off my stubbornness.

What to Expect

Expect more frequent updates, and accounts of the "making-of"s. Go behind the scene to see where, and more interestingly WHAT your dresses have been before they sit pretty in your wardrobe.

Stay Tuned :)

Love Mazzario


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