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Chrysanthemum Dress


It is a dress for designed for a green-themed dinner. Save for few lucky souls, green simply looks odd on Asian complexions.

I knew we needed the final touch of green embellishment right from the start. We worked backwards.

A simple close to skin-tone off-shoulder shift dress was the chosen canvas.

The client nominated chrysanthemum as the flower of choice for the custom embroidery dress. Chrysanthemum is not to be generalised as petals in tea, but come in varied shapes and colours. I must have embarrassed myself for not concealing my excitement at the perfect excuse for spending time in the garden on a lazy afternoon.

On closer observation, chrysanthemum only got more interesting. I was especially eager to interpret the petals of the delicate flower. Each petal has life of its own. It reaches high for the sky, yet refrained, reminding one again of the ephemerality of a flower.

I must be thinking to much. Anyway what we have is a green chrysanthemum flower dress.


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