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Red Evening Cheongsam with 2 Laces for Aileen

Aileen's crimson red mermaid cheongsam with 2 types of laces
Crimson red is a colour between red and rose, originally produced from an insert which lends a bluish tint to the bright and deep red. There seems to be 2 camps when it comes to the colour red—Love or hate, need we elaborate? Recently there have been more brides opting for red cheongsams this year, then we have ever done before. Yes, we believe the colour is contagious.

Shown here is another red modern cheongsam custom made for Aileen. The cheongsam is super slim from hips down to elongate the legs and add length to the silhouette, complemented by a very low back covered in very sparse translucent black lace which is flattering to her athletic build. Further more, a second layer of thick bold and larger floral lace, also in black, in applied on top of the first layer of lace to accentuate the toned back, and visually enhance the front.

The 2 layers of lace really added dimension and textural quality to the plain crimson red fabric, and the 2 strong colours of red and black plays well with each other making this a real eye-catcher. For brides wo fear you may blend into your sea of guests, fear no more.

Couple in mandarin attire

A photo of Aileen and her then-husband-to-be now-husband, in Mazzario's Chinese silk mandarin jacket . The black and light pink combination really picks up the crimson red of Aileen's cheongsam very well, which tells us they are a couple, yet individuals.

Last but not least, congrats to you both, we had a great time working with you.

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