Made to Measure Service available at Wheelock Place #03-06 only.


Imposter Alert

Several customers have kindly informed us of a competiting shop ' X ' at Far East Plaza which has been posing as Mazzario.

In one of the cases, a customer who did not know of our relocation asked shop X, and was told that X is Mazzario with a location and name change. Any regular customer of ours can easily tell from the product that it cannot be true. When Shop X realises our customer sees through their ploy, they quickly informed them Mazzario is no longer in business.

We are now at The Centrepoint #02-25 ( opp M&S Cafe ) and Far East Plaza #03-41A ( near the exit of the cluster of many small shops ) 

Please beware of such imposter, and inform your friends who ask you about your Mazzario cheongsam.


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