Made to Measure Service available at Wheelock Place #03-06 only.


Operating Hours during NYE & NY

Operating hours on New Year's Eve 31/12 & New Year 1/1:
11am to 4pm at both outlets!

Have you gotten your Chinese New Year cheongsams yet? We are currently having several promotions going on in store. Drop by our stores early to avoid disappointment!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone :)


Chinese New Year 2012 Promotion

Diamond and Lauren have always been one of our most sought-over designs, perfect for fashionistas who love lace and sexy cuts. Bring down your fellow family and friends to make the most of this limited time offer.


New Cheongsam Collection Preview

Red Riding Hood Lost in Technicolour Forest

Inspired by the famous folklore, but with a lurid twist in colour. In this collection, Red Riding Hood , affectionately named "Xiao Hong" ( or literal translation of "Little Red"), is a courageous Chinese girl conquering the technicolour forest in her favorite cheongsam inspired apparels.

Expect the usual Mazzario elegance + a little whimsy with a large dose of toughness in exciting colours!

Exclusive preview of the newest creations during our Wheelock Store Grand Opening 

on 9th July 2011


Keyhole Lace Mini with Lace Applique for Sherlyn

Mini Cheongsam with keyhole & black lace applique
Mini cheongsams, or some may say "those tiny-Chinese-dress", have 1 of the cuts customers keep coming back to Mazzario for. Slowly we realise we seem to have many, many petite customers. Whether slim or small built, our mini cheongsam is particularly flattering on the petite ladies.

This particular cheongsam custom made for Sherlyn with a very cut in halter collar which delicately hangs over the neck, and plunges low at the back, and just enough front slit for allure and movement. A little black lace in a very graphic circular print off sets the angular cut of the cheongsam.

This cutting is particularly flattering for the apple body type as well as the athletic column body type.
Mini Cheongsam with keyhole & black lace applique


Red Evening Cheongsam with 2 Laces for Aileen

Aileen's crimson red mermaid cheongsam with 2 types of laces
Crimson red is a colour between red and rose, originally produced from an insert which lends a bluish tint to the bright and deep red. There seems to be 2 camps when it comes to the colour red—Love or hate, need we elaborate? Recently there have been more brides opting for red cheongsams this year, then we have ever done before. Yes, we believe the colour is contagious.

Shown here is another red modern cheongsam custom made for Aileen. The cheongsam is super slim from hips down to elongate the legs and add length to the silhouette, complemented by a very low back covered in very sparse translucent black lace which is flattering to her athletic build. Further more, a second layer of thick bold and larger floral lace, also in black, in applied on top of the first layer of lace to accentuate the toned back, and visually enhance the front.

The 2 layers of lace really added dimension and textural quality to the plain crimson red fabric, and the 2 strong colours of red and black plays well with each other making this a real eye-catcher. For brides wo fear you may blend into your sea of guests, fear no more.

Couple in mandarin attire

A photo of Aileen and her then-husband-to-be now-husband, in Mazzario's Chinese silk mandarin jacket . The black and light pink combination really picks up the crimson red of Aileen's cheongsam very well, which tells us they are a couple, yet individuals.

Last but not least, congrats to you both, we had a great time working with you.

More red cheongsams:

More lace cheongsam:


New Operating Hours

Mazzario has adjusted the hours of operations, effective 1 June 2011.

The Centrepoint #02-25
11 a.m to 7 p.m. Monday through Sunday

Wheelock Place #03-06
11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Sunday


Mazzario The Cheongsam Shop is Moving

Mazzario The Cheongsam Shop is moving to a bigger, more intimate location to create a better atmosphere for our Cheongsam. The move is only a few blocks away from our current location. Now locating in Wheelock Place, we aim to provide maximum accessibility and convenience in order to better serve you.

Mazzario The Cheongsam Shop will continue to be available at the current address and telephone number till the finalization of the move (which will be announced at a later date). As of that, all Cheongsams and services in relation with Mazzario The Cheongsam Shop will be moved to Wheelock Place. The change of location will not affect our services to you and we trust you will enjoy the new store's warm and cozy atmosphere as much as we do.

In addition, the current shop in Centrepoint Shopping Centre will be home to a new concept that will be revealed in a later date. This exciting new initiative offers you more elaborated services and a whole new product range to better suit your needs. So stay closed to our updates.

With that said, we would also like to thank you for your undying support in our Moving Out Sales. It has been our pleasure seeing the joy on your faces during our sale. The very well received Diamond and Honey Dress look like they had changed the lives of many. Such positive feedback are exactly what motivate Mazzario The Cheongsam Shop to work twice as hard to supply your needs to your complete satisfactory.

The exact mailing address and telephone number will be updated in a later date so please join our mailing list to stay updated.


Lace Cheongsam In Turquoise for Janice

Turquoise Cheongsam for Janice
Turquoise Cheongsam for Janice

An elegant evening cheongsam, that's all Janice asked for. An active lady, she is very well proportioned, looks good in anything, and almost any cheongsam, leaving us with almost no problem to solve. This opens the door to a world of possibilities, too many possibilities sometimes.

After much discussion, both Janice and ourselves decided we should keep it simple with bold lace accents to further accentuate the proportion. The lace runs down only on one side of her legs which works with her very high heels for lengthening effect. The colour turquoise was chosen to complement her medium skin tone and also inject vibrancy into the very simple silhouette. Oh, did we tell you there is surprise opening on her waist which further emphasized her small waist, creating a perfect hourglass.

Beauty is never enough.

This is a variation of the simple white cheongsam with lace applique and an elegant plain cheongsam with beaded collar.


Red Lace Cheongsam for Baini

Diamond Cheongsam Made to Order in Red Lace with Gold Embroidery

Diamond Cheongsam Made to Order in Red Lace with Gold Embroidery

Check out these awesome photos Baini sent us. She proves that a traditional red lace cheongsam can look really contemporary and funky, as long the colour complements your skintone and the style your figure.

Thanks Baini & have a very blessed marriage.


Cheongsams for Chinese New Year Events in Singapore or any Summer

Chinese New Year is a tricky time to buy clothes for. Too formal, you don't know when you will use again, too informal, maybe it is better not to buy any.

Below is a selection of designs we feel are some great choices for this festive season.

Abi Keyhole Lace & Cotton Cheongsam
ABI Lace & Cotton Keyhole Cheongsam - The lace lends a touch of glamour while the cotton balances the formality with everyday casualness.

Tabby Checkered Cheongsam Separates
TABBY - set of halter cheongsam top and wrap skirt is convenient enough for the 1st 2 days of running between relatives', also versatile enough to pair with jeans or a simple tube on other days.

Flare Empire Cut Cotton Cheongsam
A empire flare cheongsam silhouette hides a multitude of -- Chinese New Year goodies. Plus the cotton material is great for the forever scotching days of Singapore.

Mazzario Cheongsam Talia Toga
Talia Toga Cheongsam is our top pick for company dinner & dance during the Lunar New Year period or any Shanghai-themed event. Fun, funky & fashionable, without sacrificing comfort, or your wallet.


Cheongsam Sale - We're Moving To A New Place

What better time to pick up that cheongsam on your wish list than at our Mazzario Cheongsam Moving Sale just in time for Chinese New Year 2011?

Please help make our move easier while we do less damage to your wallet, by picking up that cheongsam on your wish list during this sale.

We will be offering up to 70% storewide. Even the New Arrivals are reduced.

Bring a friend, or a checklist, as purchase of 2 or more items will enjoy extra discount of up to 20%. It is truly is the deepest discount Mazzario in it's half decade histroy has offered. As it will be difficult moving all our babies over, please adopt and love them.

Sale Starts Now, Till Stock Lasts ( or when all the pretty ones are gone ).

P.S. Purchased full-priced item recently? Worry not, bring us your item with your receipt, we will rebate you with the same discount in the form of vouchers for all full-priced purchases made after in 2011 while sale lasts.

And for the curious, we are not revealing the new location yet, but we promise it will be newer and bigger to better serve your needs in the future.
Do you have a made to measure fitting scheduled in the later months? Don't worry, we will ensure a smooth transition. We are certain it will not affect your plans the least bit.


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