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Lace Cheongsam In Turquoise for Janice

Turquoise Cheongsam for Janice
Turquoise Cheongsam for Janice

An elegant evening cheongsam, that's all Janice asked for. An active lady, she is very well proportioned, looks good in anything, and almost any cheongsam, leaving us with almost no problem to solve. This opens the door to a world of possibilities, too many possibilities sometimes.

After much discussion, both Janice and ourselves decided we should keep it simple with bold lace accents to further accentuate the proportion. The lace runs down only on one side of her legs which works with her very high heels for lengthening effect. The colour turquoise was chosen to complement her medium skin tone and also inject vibrancy into the very simple silhouette. Oh, did we tell you there is surprise opening on her waist which further emphasized her small waist, creating a perfect hourglass.

Beauty is never enough.

This is a variation of the simple white cheongsam with lace applique and an elegant plain cheongsam with beaded collar.


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