Made to Measure Service available at Wheelock Place #03-06 only.


Early Bird Special


The second half of 2009 has unknowingly crept up on us. It also means we have officially stepped into the busy period of the year. Last year, many of you came to us in December for a Made-to-Measure Cheongsam for Chinese New Year Chinese only to be disappointed as our orders were closed as early as November due to overwhelming response.

To avoid repeating this ungracious act, we have decided to entice you with our new

Early Bird Made-to-Measure Cheongsam Special!

During the test-drive, this special promotion has been attracting a dozen of early birds brides in the know each week.

Though unable to disclose the details online or by mail/ phone, we are certain you are excited to know that this 2-tier promotion gets you a floor length cheongsam for the usual price of a short one; extra crystal beading for the price of a plain one, additional matching bolero for your bareback cheongsam... and the list goes on.

Visit us at our Centrepoint store personally for more details.


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